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   Chapter 8 He Doesn’t Love Me

I'm Your Voice By April Melody Characters: 8101

Updated: 2019-07-12 10:47

Nanmaya's POV

"Aha, my name is li..." She was saying but I cut her off.

"Hey wait, let him do it, " I said naughtily with a wink.

He rolled his eyes with a smile and came to me. He took my left hand to write on my forearm. Some words are difficult to describe fast, so he uses my hands in necessary times.

"You already told lips, " I said before he completes the word.

He glared and whistle tuned, 'have patient, '

I smirked with a wink. He took a deep breath to control his anger and wrote Lipsika.

'He name is beautiful like her.'

"Happy, " he signed annoyedly and smiled.

I smiled pulling his left cheek. He jerked my hand and rubbed it. Maximum times, his lips never stop smiling although I torture him to the core.

"Hey Lipsika, I just want to annoy this tall tree so..." I trailed off.

I saw jealousy in her eyes but she feigned a smile.

"It's okay. Finally, I met you, " she said giving me a brief hug.

'Her voice is sweet and looks beautiful than me.'

I smiled at him who was adoring us.

"What is your name meaning?" I asked her.

We didn't leave each other. She moved to my left side and placed her right hand on my waist. In this process, my right hand rolled on her shoulder.

"Smile. But I don't know until I meet him. In our second meet, this was the first thing he asked me. Never I thought to learn it. We found it through the internet, " she said blushing and adjusting her hair locks.

"He was obsessed to learn the name meaning, " I said looking at him with a smile.

I still remembered, how curious he wants to know my name meaning. I smiled and left her.

"Won't you introduce me to your girlfriend?" I questioned narrowing my eyes at him.

He shook his head in disappointment with that dazzling smile.

'This reaction is only meant for me. He never used for anyone.'

He came to my side. "Lips, this is my best friend Nanmu who always supports me but more than that eats my brain, " he signed looking at both of us.

She was looking at us. "This is my best friend Nanmaya, not Nanmu..." I said glaring at him, "...who is sweet, beautiful, nice, supportive, intelligent and all the good adjectives in the world, " said with a naughty smile waving my hands.

He smiled and typed something on his phone. She saw the message and smiled. She came to my left side and hugged me like before. I smiled and circled my left arm around her shoulder.


g around the past three days which was hell. I can't cry and worry everyone, controlling myself and facking happiness was really hard. But I did it for my love, Mahi.

Lipsika is doing BBM second year but she was not interested in it. She is a beauty vlogger and earns good amount of money for her necessities though her father is a billionaire. She is a strong, intelligent and beautiful woman.

That night he spends very less time than usual but all he expressed was about her. He sought my opinion about her. I told genuinely what I felt, he was happy.

All these three days, he brought her to our practice sessions. I practiced while they chatted and enjoyed with each other but he didn't leave me alone. As usual, helped me to practice the song and mingled me in their conversation as much as possible.

He created a WhatsApp group for us and we all chatted sitting in front of each other. But I didn't like it as I enjoy his expressions and actions rather than just texting. I didn't pester because now his girlfriend was involved, so I should help her to understand him. She started leaning his language but she was not curious like me.

'Well, she was not a nine years kid to get curious, ' my brain mocked. I ignored it with a glare.

'Already I'm missing him in my life. How will I live?'

I heard the knock on my door. I smiled and immediately opened the door. My Cutie Pie was smiling and those tantalizing eyes are adoring me.

"You came to me leaving your chatting session and your dear phone? Well, I'm surprised. Does your girlfriend slept already?" I questioned him naughtily.


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