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   Chapter 7 His Girlfriend

I'm Your Voice By April Melody Characters: 8291

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Flashback Continues

Melody's POV

Time flue fast. Both the families are living in the big mansion enjoying with their kid's. Father's were busy in business, Mother's were busy taking care of their kid's needs, home, and stuff.

MaNan was busy with their education, music and mainly with each other. As Raj expected, living under one roof both started growing their feelings for each other but couldn't able to understand.

One day Nanmaya was changing her clothes and suddenly her room door got opened. Mahish gaped looking at the beauty in front of him. She was in her inner garments and going to wear night pant. She got surprised and stood like a statue.

After a few seconds, Mahish came back to the real world and lowered his gaze. He closed his eyes, pulled his ears, mouthed sorry and ran to his room by closing her room door.

Nanmaya was breathing heavily remembering the way his tantalizing eyes roamed on her body. Finally, she realized that her Cutie Pie was not just a crush but her first love too. She wore her clothes and saw the big picture frame dangling on the wall in front of her.

It's their first music performance picture. He was playing guitar sitting on the stool. She stood right next to him with a mike in her left hand holding near her mouth and looking at him which was clicked by Rohan. She went to the picture and caressed his face.

'Finally, at the age of sixteen, I realized it was love. You know how my heart raced when you look at me like that?' She adored their picture.

Mahish closed his bedroom door with a constant smile playing on his lips. The beautiful Nanmaya was still flashing in front of his eyelashes. He leaned on to the door and closed his eyes breathing heavily. Strange feelings raised in his mind and heart. Never in his life, he felt like this.

But suddenly he stopped smiling and went in front of the mirror.

'All her life she supported you, been with you, taking care of your emotions without being or caring about herself. She was even living for your dreams. But now what you are doing? Binding her with you. She will say yes if you expressed your feelings right now.

'But can she be happy with you? You can't praise her, talk to her but surely make her mad with your silence. So, stop your feelings right now and treat her like as usual, ' his mind ranted all these things.

He wiped his tears and smiled looking at the picture which was dangling on the wall right next to him. They both having mu

st time, his happy smile scared me.


I got the message to come to terrors. So, my surprise was ready. I thought it will be tonight but sharp at 4 pm.

'Hmm, let's see what's the surprise is?' I said.

'I think he'll propose me, ' my brain said.

'Then it'll be in the music room but not on terrors and moreover, he's my...'

I halted at my place looking at the scene in front of my eyes. A young lady was kissing his right cheek. He closed his eyes with a smile. Immediately, I turned back talking long strides but halted listening to his, 'stop, ' whistle tune.

I blinked to stop the tears which are dying to flow. Taking a deep breath, I turned back with a smile. He was standing in front of me with an awkward smile. She was adjusting her hair locks while blushing.

"Oops, I'm sorry to disturb your romance, " I said naughtily, raising my hands in the air.

He smacked my head gently and pulled me with him. I bite my inner cheeks to control the heaviness in my heart. We stood in front of her who was smiling at us. He started typing on the phone, I tapped his left shoulder.

"Your voice is standing here, so stop that. And explain what's happening here?" I said the last line with a wink.

He smiled scratching his nape with his left hand. If this was another situation, I would laugh my heart out seeing his cute awkward expression but right now, I'm trying hard to control my tears. He side hugged her and left with a soft squeeze on her right shoulder.

"This is lips, my girlfriend, " he signed looking at her.

I smiled controlling my inner turmoil but I got confused.

"Lips...?" I blurted confused.


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