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   Chapter 5 I’m Your Voice

I'm Your Voice By April Melody Characters: 4367

Updated: 2019-07-08 11:22

Flashback Continues

Melody's POV

Mahish nodded as nothing, "She can't spell her name, " signed to his father.

"Prince, " Aliya chided him.

He pressed the lips to stop his laughter. Mehra couple got confused.

"What he was signing?" Raj asked them.

"Nothing, " Aliya said with a smile pressing her son's shoulder to cease his laughter.

"Why you feel that Nanmu can't spell her name?" Rohan asked giving a soft punch on Mahish right cheek.

He giggled and Mehra couple laughed but Nanmaya got angry.

"I will not talk to you, " Nanmaya said angrily crossing hands to her chest.

He made her look at him, closing his left eye, pulled his right ear, he mouthed sorry. Both the parents felt awe for his cuteness. Nanmaya smiled and hugged him but both winced in pain. Aliya felt happy as till now no one became a friend with her son.

"Dad, what's my name meaning?" Nanmaya asked innocently turning towards her father.

Aliya bent down, "Nanmaya means happy, " said caressing her right cheek.

Nanmaya clapped in happiness and started blabbering about her name to Mahish.

"She brought happiness to my son. Thank you so much, " Aliya said looking at Mehra couple.

They all went to a nearby ice-cream parlor. Kids got their favorite ice-cream and zoned into their world.

"What happened to Mahish?"Sushma asked the Aurora couple.

"Born mute, " Aliya said with unshed tears, looking at her son.

"And there is no chance in future too, " Rohan said with a small smile.

"He will become a handsome man and trouble you more, don't worry, " Raj said naughtily.

Sushma glared at her husband while the Aurora couple laughed.

"That I'm sure, " Rohan joined with Raj sharing a high-five.

All laughed ate their own ice-cream. Mahish, Nanmaya are in their own world.

"Can I have a request?" Aliya asked awkwardly.

"Please, " Raj said with an assurance smile.

"Can Nanmaya be friend with my son?" Aliya pleaded.

Sushma smiled but Raj thought deeply.

"There is no force, " Rohan assured.

"Well I don't have any problem but..." Raj paused looking at kids. "Mahish should have much-needed patience to bare my little chatterbox, " he

laughed loudly.

All smiled looking at Mahish listening to the blabbering Nannaya.

"He needs a friend like Nanmaya, " Aliya said with a smile.

Like that they all spent quality time and took their sleepy kids home.


Mahish, Nanmaya became close spending time at lunch break. Mahish made her learn the sign language and after coming back to the home she teaches her parents the same thing. They are happy for their innocent little Princess wish and learned along with her. She became so close to her Cutie Pie that she wants to spend all the time with him but evenings he will be busy with his music class.

One day at lunch break they were happily eating while sharing their food but Mahish was dull. So, Nanmaya pestered to know the reason. Finally, he gave up and wrote with a heavy heart.

"Why can't I speak?"

"Because God wants like that, " she said with a smile.

Those words pierced his heart and shuddered tears gripping the pen tightly. nanmaya got worried and side hugged him.

"Mahi why are you crying? Please stop it, "

"I hate God, " he wrote with an angry face.

She felt bad and asked him why.

"Because he doesn't want me to talk, "

The paper became wet with his tears and it's tearing due to the force he was putting on the pencil. She felt bad and thought deeply.

"First stop crying, I will tell you an idea, " she said wiping his tears.

He controlled his anger and wiped his face with those tiny hands.

"I will speak for you, " she said with excitement.

But he kept got confused not understanding her words.

"You didn't understand?" She questioned him.

He nodded negatively with a pout. She smiled and held his right palm.

"I'M YOUR VOICE. Whatever you want to spell, write it, I'll talk, " she said excitedly pressing his right palm in assurance.

He heaved a long sigh as his friend didn't understand the true meaning behind his misery. He took a fresh paper to write. She watched him with glittering eyes ignoring his sad pout.

"I want to sing, " he wrote.

She became silent reading that. Even he became silent as he knew that she was not fond of music and continued eating his food.


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