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Her Sweet Revenge (Sequel; His Sweet Victim) By Aubrey Wolfe Characters: 6965

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I stare at myself in the large, gold-trimmed vanity mirror, admiring the glow of the highlighter on my cheeks, and the perfect curls covering my head. I have never imagined the day I would ever look to elegant.

Who knew that day would be my wedding day.

I twirl around in the white satin gown, the skirt flowing down around my feet, spinning like a tornado attached to my waist. I let out a small giggle, feeling the pressure build in my chest and the butterflies flutter in my stomach.

I have never felt so happy.

And it's all because of Ashton.

I can still recall the day he proposed to me. It was perfect, everything I had dreamed and more. Ashton never ceases to amaze me.

He asked Charles and his girlfriend Karen to babysit for the night and took us out for our three-year anniversary, taking me back to the small garden in the back of Lucien's house, which is now owned by him as well and he offered it to Charles and Karen for when they decide they too want to get married and many start a family.

Right now, Ashton and I have agreed that we are content with Emily, she is still a handful enough as it is, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for more. But we hadn't taken the next step yet.

Ashton was more than prepared to take that step that night. He had decorated the entire garden in lights and set up a dinner right in the middle for the two of us, a radio playing classical music next to us.

We enjoyed a romantic night and amazing food, before he asked me to dance, then did the traditional get down on one knee, and tell me how much he loves me and always will. I couldn't help but cry, like a typical woman, but it was so beautiful.

He was beautiful. He made the moment perfect, giving me a discreet but gorgeous diamond engagement ring, saying he knows I don't like big and fancy, but he wanted to give me something beautiful and special, like me.

Though it was cheesy, it is a memory I will carry with me forever, even well past this day. I know Ashton is the man I want to marry, and I know we are going to spend the rest of our lives together. We have gone through too much, there isn't much else we can't conquer together.

A knock on the door draws my attention away from the mirror, and I turn around to see my mother enter the room, her smile widening when her eyes lay on me.

"Honey, you look gorgeous, you're practically glowing, " she says and touches my cheek lovingly. Over the years, I have rekindled my relationship with my parents, or my mother more specifically, because I wanted them to be more involved in Emily's life.

I don't want her to grow up, never knowing who her family is, or where exactly she came from. I never want her to know the extent of the pain and cruelty my family and Ashton's family has suffered, and inflicted in the past.

But I want her to know who she is. If she decides she doesn't want to be a part of the family, because my father ultimately messes it up again, then that is her decision. I can't take that choice away from her.

"Are you ready? The ceremony is about to begin, " she says and gives me a concerned look.

"Let me guess, you're here to make sure I'm not getting cold feet?" I tease, but she frowns.

"I believe in the love you and Ashton share, it is genuine. I know you could never run out on him, or break his heart like that." She smiles and squeezes my arm.

I give her a warm smile back and take a deep breath, giving myself one more look in t

he mirror before nodding to my mother.

She walks me out the door and leads be towards the double doors of the church. I can hear the music start up inside and my nerves kick in, my palms starting to sweat.

I lift the veil down over my face to hide how pale I probably look, and clasp my mother's arm as we move up the steps. The doors open up and the music hits my ears at full blast, the bright light of the multi-colored windows harsh against my eyes.

I blink against it, then settle on the breathtaking scene before me. The ground leading to the alter is covered in rose petals, Emily standing in front of my with a small basket in her hand, the other one throwing the petals in the air with a giddy smile on her face.

She runs up to me and I hug her, trying to suck back the tears already threatening to spill over. She holds onto my other hand and we continue down the aisle. I look up at Ashton waiting at the front, and see he himself is already shedding tears, not even trying to hide them.

He reaches a hand out towards me when I get closer, his hands warm and covered in sweat just like mine. He lifts my veil and I watch as he bites his lip and lets his eyes roam my body.

"You look perfect, " he whispers, just loud enough for me to hear. The tears finally fall a little and I quickly wipe them up, thankful when the priest calls everyone to order, so we can start the ceremony.

Ashton clasps my hands and doesn't remove his eyes from mine the entire time the priest is speaking, showing me all the love and adoration that flows through his gorgeous blue eyes, all of it for me.

"The bride and groom will now exchange their vows, " the priest says, and gestures for me. I take out the small paper I folded into my bra and take a deep breath to gather myself.

"I have never known love, like the kind I have experienced and been showered with by you. You have shown me what true love is, and what it is capable of. I have no doubt that you will forever love and protect me, and the beautiful daughter we have been blessed with, until the you die. I vow to always love and protect you as well, and never let the bright light my heart holds for you extinguish. I love you, Ashton Bradford."

I let out a sniffle as I barely make it through the end of my vows, slipping the wedding ring I picked out for him onto his finger, then quickly tucking the paper back to duck my head and hide my burning cheeks. Ashton wipes a small tear away and lifts my hand to kiss the back of it, telling me silently with his eyes how much he appreciates my words.

He then takes both my hands and looks intently into my eyes.

"I have loved you from the moment my skin first touched yours. From that time, I have dedicated my time and effort to one future; you. You are the sole definition of eternal beauty, everlasting kindness, and overflowing courage. Watching you raise and be a mother to our daughter makes my love grow for you every day. I have lived without you, and I vow to dedicate my life to make sure I never have to again. I love you, Ava Bradford."

He slips the ring on my finger, his hands trembling.

Before the priest is barely done pronouncing us as man and wife, Ashton's lips are on mine, sending tingles through my body and causing my toes to curl from the intensity of his passion.

The room erupts into cheers, but I can barely hear them.

All I hear is our heartbeats, now beating as one.

Everything is finally complete.

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