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   Chapter 21 Twenty-One

Her Sweet Revenge (Sequel; His Sweet Victim) By Aubrey Wolfe Characters: 12197

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Today is the day. We face my mother in court in just a few hours. Ava and I are getting ready in the bedroom, while Richard takes Emily and distracts her for the afternoon; we don't want her there to witness everything go down, and I don't want her anywhere near my mother.

I ride with Ava while Charles and Lucas ride separately, Mr. Newton already there and prepared, giving me a small glimmer of hope that he is true to all his achievements.

I can feel Ava's tension from next to me. I reach for her hand and squeeze it lightly, not sure who I'm trying to reassure; her, or myself. I feel both of us need the reassurance either way, this has been a long time coming, though from the day I first met Ava and brought her into my family drama, I never imagined I would finally face down my mother.

In court, no less.

Of, course, I had dreamt many times of facing my mother, standing up to her, but I never once thought it would be on legal grounds, knowing my personal, and family, history. Hell, the only time I have stepped foot in court, was when my father was being charged for one of his many crimes.

We finally pull up in front of the court house, cameras and people crowding the car as soon as we stop. Since this is being handled legally, the public has access to some details of the case, and since my mother and I carry a well-known name, it was sure to make front page of the newspaper this morning.

I try and shield Ava as we hurry inside, blinded by the flashing cameras and deafened by the constant screaming line of questioning.

If Ava's parents don't know where she is, they certainly do now. I should have known this was going to happen, but it was the last thing on my mind these past few days, leading up to today.

I can feel her trembling slightly under me, and I know no amount of hugs or love will calm her.

She won't calm down.

Not until this is over.


As we sit outside the court room, awaiting instructions, I dwell over the conversation I had with Amber's father outside my office. Pondering who the new buyer could be. Who in their right mind, would be interested in such a corrupt company?

Every politician in the country came to mind, but none of them could possibly have any interest in my father's measly insurance company, which was just a front for his real dealings behind closed doors.

Multiple drug, weapon and merchandise deals, all made through the company under my father himself. He mainly made deals with the mafia, sometimes dipping his fingers into lowly streets gangs as well, anything he could do, for the large sums of money he had received.

When I made these discoveries, they made me sick to my stomach. I know I don't have a clean track record myself, and I will live with that guilt for the rest of my life.

But I knew something had to be done. My family has caused too much chaos over time. It needs to end.

Hopefully, whoever this new buyer is, they have better intentions in mind. Like Amber's father.

I glance towards Ava, who is staring blankly at the white wall in front of us. I can see the thoughts rushing through her eyes as she flips over everything that is about to happen in her head.

I want to ask her what she thinks about the new buyer, who she might think it is. Before I can open my mouth, the front doors of the courthouse bang open, and my mother strides in, two burly looking men following her.

My face instantly turns into a sneer before I feel the rage build in my chest at the sight of her. She stalks past me without a mere glance my way, heading straight into the court room.

Ava lets out a heavy breath next to me, a

eryone by surprise. My mother is the first to speak, "Your Honor? When will the jury be joining us?" she asks.

"They won't be, " he says, not looking up from his desk.

The look of terror on my mother's face, though fleeting, does not go unnoticed. She relied on that jury, for them to listen to her story of woo, and feel sympathetic towards her. Take her side, as a broken mother, just trying to keep her corrupt family together.

Now, there is only one person to listen to her, and something tells me he isn't easily as fooled. At least, I'm praying to God he isn't.

"After looking over this case a bit more in my chambers, I have decided that it doesn't require a jury. I've seen many cases like this, Ms. Bradford."

"I-I'm sorry, your Honor?"

The judge frowns and finally looks at my mother. "I have no doubt that as a mother, you had some decent intentions when you supposedly 'blindly helped' your husband with his many misdemeanors, but that doesn't do you very much justice."

It's so hard not to burst out laughing at the astonished look on my mother and her lawyer's faces. Even I wasn't expecting that from the judge, and it makes me curious as to where his sudden change of heart came from. Usually, a judge remains bias until all evidence has been served.

We've only made the opening statements, not even a witness has been called. So where is this slight hate being fueled from?

"Excuse me, your Honor?" I ask. "Do you mind me asking your name again?"

"Honorable Judge Cane, " he says, and the name instantly rings a bell. "I believe we have met before, " he adds, before I can piece it together. The memory floods back to me, of when my father was first convicted and brought to court, I met a man outside the courthouse when it was all over, and my father was sentenced to life in prison.

A man approached me on the steps, and asked what was wrong. I told him what had just happened with my father, and he confessed he had been in the room. I remember I asked who he was, and he said he was learning to become a man like the one who put my father away, a man who puts bad people away, so that good people can live good lives.

I remember, he had been talking about me and my brother. Everyone now knew what we had endured under our parents, and though they feared us, we were children, and everyone sympathized with the terrible upbringing story of a child.

That man, was Judge Cane.

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