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   Chapter 46 Forty Six

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Final Chapter.


In as much as they've been preparing for this day since they found out they were having twins, it seems one couldn't be prepared enough.

Christopher started to work from home as soon as Naomi's pregnancy clocked seven months. He would do most of the house chores, take care of Zoe and Tyler, take them to school and cook for his family.

Tyler and Zoe spent most of their weekends at their grandparents' place so Christopher would rest and have some alone time with Naomi.

Naomi considered herself lucky to have Christopher. He over pampered her, he never got angry even when she lashed out on him due to her mood swings, he was always there to accompany her for her morning and evening works which her Doctor recommended would help with the labour and he was always there to massage her feet when they were swollen.

Fortunately, the kids were at their grandparents' place when Naomi's water broke so it was easy for them to get to the hospital on time.

"I'm scared...." Naomi cried as she held Christopher's hands. It was almost time for her to push.

Christopher had tears in his eyes too. He was trying his best not to let them fall because he wanted to be strong for Naomi. He knew she was in pain and he wished he could share the pain with her but he couldn't do anything than to stand by her side and support her in every way he could.

Christopher leaned by her side and motivated her as he wiped her tears with his thumb.

"There's nothing to be scared of my love. You can do it because you're the strongest woman I know. I'll hold your hand while you push. I promise it will worth it at the end. You, Zoe, Tyler, the twins and I will finally be together." He said then kissed her forehead.

It seemed Christopher's words motivated Naomi because she did wonderfully well. After pushing so hard for the first few minutes, What followed was the cry of a baby boy.

Christopher was called upon to cut the cord and that was only when he freed his hands from Naomi.

After cutting the cord, a nurse collected the baby to weigh him and do all other check-ups that are usually done for newborns

Christopher connected his hands back with Naomi's own "he's so beautiful and precious, just a few more pushes and his twin will be here." He encouraged.

Shortly after, the room was filled with a loud cry.

"Someone does have some good lungs here." One of the midwives said as she gestured for Christopher to cut the cord.

He did that and went back to Naomi.

He showered her sweaty face with kisses. "You did it, my love, I'm so proud of you."

"Thank you, Chris, I don't know what I would have done without you." She said weakly.

"I should be the one thanking you sweetheart, thanks for bringing our twins to life."

They were interrupted by two nurses who gently placed the babies on Naomi's chest for them to bond with her. The girl was placed on the right side of her chest while the boy was placed on the left side of her chest.

Fresh tears welled up in Naomi's eyes. "They are so perfect."

Christopher smiled, "I'm so proud, we made beautiful babies."

Upon hearing Christopher's voice, the baby girl opened her eyes.

"Hi, beautiful, " Christopher whispered as he connected his finger with her hand and she wrapped her tiny hands around it.

Naomi smiled, "She recognized your voice because you always talk to them every day. She will surely have you wrapped around her finger." Naomi said caressed her baby boy's hair. His eyes were closed.

Doctor Grace approached the happy couple who couldn't stop admiring their bundle of joy.

"Congratulations to you two."

"Thank you." They smiled at her.

"You did a good job, Naomi. The nurses will be here to take the babies for further check-up and Christopher you can accompany them to give your children their first birth."

"While that is going on, we will clean you up and you can have some rest." She said to Naomi who nodded.

"So I'm assuming you've finalized their names?" Doctor Grace asked and they nodded.

"Isabelle Taylor-Olivia Smith for my beautiful girl and Alexander Zachery-Owen Smith for my precious son, " Christopher answered.


Naomi does not know how long she slept for but she felt better as soon as she woke up. Her lips curved into a smile when she saw Christopher across the room, he was sitting on a rocking chair with Isabelle in his arms, she could tell because of the pink blanket.

Christopher took a glance at the bedside and saw Naomi was awake. He smiled and stood up with Isabelle in his arms. He made his way to Naomi and sat by her side.

"My beautiful Bella" Naomi whispered as she collected Isabelle from Chris.

"Where's Xander?" She asked, looking

the boys' room. And all of you can go visit each other in your room when you want. So what do you think?"

"It sounds okay? But I'll ask Tyler about it." She replied. ...


Bella fell asleep while nursing so Naomi placed her in her bassinet which was beside her bed.

Soon enough, Christopher walked in with a sleeping Xander in his arms and Tyler by his side.

Christopher placed Alexander in his bassinet which was beside Isabelle and Naomi set up the baby monitor.

"Okay, it's bedtime for you two?" Christopher said to the bigger kids.

"Already, " Zoe groaned.

"Yes, Miss" Christopher replied as they all walked out of the master bedroom.

Instead of reading them a bedtime story, Naomi and Christopher talked their children to bed. They kissed their foreheads and exited their rooms.

"Finally, some alone time with you, " Christopher said which made Naomi chuckle. They made their way to the kitchen to have pizza and juice.

Now that she was breastfeeding, Naomi felt hungry very often. They made conversations in between their meals.

"So what did you and the boys talk about?" Naomi asked.

"Nothing much, Tyler was thrilled as to the resemblance between him and Xander and I made him understand that he has more responsibilities now that the twins are here. He has to love and protect you, Zoe and his younger siblings and sometimes me."

Naomi chuckled, "He's just four, I'm sure he doesn't understand what you told him."

Christopher shrugged, "Maybe, but someday he will."

"Zoe will be turning 5 soon and I was hoping we could throw her a party, " Naomi said.

"I thought the same too but I really don't know."

"Why?" Naomi asked.

"If we decide to throw a party for Zoe, it means Vivian will have to be there and probably Vivian's parents too."

"In as much as I don't like the idea of being in the same place as Vivian, I don't mind doing so for Zoe. Zoe is amazing, she's adorable and selfless. I want her to have a memorable 5th birthday party."

"We will talk to the birthday girl about it and then start planning based on what theme party she wants." He concluded.

They placed their dishes in the zinc and made their way to the bedroom.

"I hope my stomach will be flat as it used to be, " Naomi said as she admired herself in front of the mirror. Her stomach was still kind of big.

Christopher wrapped his arms around her waist, "It will my love and you will be back to being sexy for me. Whether you want us to have more kids or not is up to you. I'm okay with the four we have now and more if you want us to. Thank you for everything Naomi, Life with you by my side is my greatest achievement."

Naomi smiled, "Thanks for all you do for me and our children. We appreciate you and I love you so much."

"I love you more Queen Naomi, My heart will forever and always beat for you, " He said and sealed his promise with a kiss.

The End.

Thank you all for riding with me on this journey. I enjoyed writing this story and I know I will miss these characters!!!!

God bless you for supporting this story. Stay tuned for my new story and please check out my other stories. Thank You!

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