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   Chapter 44 Forty Four

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 17692

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Christopher woke up because he felt the need to use the bathroom. The space beside him was empty, Naomi was nowhere to be found.

He made his way to the bathroom, she wasn't there so he did his business and washed his hands.

Without bothering to put on a shirt, he walked out of the bedroom in search of Naomi. He stopped by the kids' room, she was not there so he decided to check the living room and kitchen.

Christopher smiled as he leaned against the wall with his arms folded. He watched the love of his life stylishly enjoy herself at 2.15 am.

Naomi was seated by the counter devouring a small tub of Ice Cream. There were wrappers of chocolate on the counter which was evidence that she had taken a few bars of chocolate before digging into the ice cream.

Christopher suddenly found himself fascinated by just watching her. This was a side of Naomi he had never seen.

Naomi's eyes widen and the spoon she was holding fell on the floor as soon as she saw Christopher staring at her. She was embarrassed as she tried to look everywhere else except at him.

Christopher chuckled, went to where she was seated, picked up the spoon that fell and placed it in the zinc then picked up another spoon from the drawer and made himself comfortable on a stool beside her.

Now that he was closer to her, he could see she was trying to hide her blush, still avoiding to look in his eyes.

"I got you another spoon." He stretched it out for her to collect.

"Thanks." She whispered, then collected the spoon, still not looking into his eyes.

"You know you don't have to be shy about this" Chris said.

"You must think I'm crazy." She whispered, finally looking into his eyes. She groaned as soon as saw a smile on his face.

"I can never think that about you. You're carrying our little miracle so your cravings are normal."

"But you have this strange look on your face." She accused.

"It's not a strange look dear, I'm just fascinated by this side of you."

"Was it like this when you were pregnant with Tyler?" He asked interested.

Naomi smiled at the memory. "Not really. I almost did not have an appetite during Tyler's pregnancy because of everything that was going on. I didn't crave ice cream then, only chocolates and cake. I stocked my nightstand with chocolate bars so I won't have to get out of my bed every midnight." She said and he nodded.

"Do you want some Ice cream?" She offered.

Christopher has never been a fan of Ice cream so he declined Naomi's offer almost immediately.

"No, thanks."

"Please?" She pouted and Christopher nodded negatively.

Naomi reached for his left hand and placed it on her belly. "Your baby wants you to eat with him." She pleaded.

Christopher chuckled, "You're trying to manipulate me."

She shrugged then dug the spoon into the Ice Cream bowl and fed Christopher a scoop. Luckily, he accepted it.

"How does it taste?" She asked as she fed herself a scoop.

"Not bad." He replied and Naomi smiled, She fed him another scoop.

"You should have woken me up to come with you, at least to keep you company."

"You were sleeping so peacefully, besides I didn't want you to think I'm a weirdo."

"I would never think that about the Queen of my Heart. Promise you will wake me up next time?" He asked and she nodded.


Christopher and Naomi decided to skip work for today and just focus on things they had on their to-do list which includes dropping the kids off at school, going to the hospital for a check-up, Checking out three houses Christopher's agent recommended and deciding if they should hire a nanny or not.

As the Woman of the house, Naomi woke up early, prepared breakfast and Chris assisted her in getting Zoe and Tyler ready for school. They all had breakfast and left the house together.

Zoe and Tyler were eager to be in school. After reluctantly allowing their parents to shower them with enough kisses and hugs. Tyler practically pulled Zoe with him to the direction of their classroom on the account that he wants to introduce his Sissy to his friends and teacher.

Christopher and Naomi talked to the head of the school and Tyler's teacher since this was practically Zoe's first time in the school. The discussion went well and it was decided that Zoe was going to be in the same class as Tyler.

"They are growing up so fast, sometimes I wish they would stay little forever, " Christopher said with a sad smile on his lips as he started the engine.

Naomi smiled, "I do wish that sometimes too but no matter how big they get they will forever be our babies." She said and Chris nodded.

"Are you excited about the Doctor's appointment?" He asked her.

"I think I am excited mostly because I have you by my side."

"But it's a pity the same can't be said about you." She said.

He chuckled, "Is it that obvious?"

"I now know you more than I know myself Christopher so I can read your emotions even more than I read mine."

"I know you're excited but you're also nervous." She said.

Christopher let out a sigh, "Those times I reluctantly accompanied Vivian to Zoe's appointment, I've always imagined what it would be like if you were the one carrying my child. So it's like that dream is eventually manifesting itself and I don't kno

nything to mommy okay?" He said and they nodded.

Christopher bathed and changed them into fresh clothes then they went to join Naomi downstairs. They played hide and seek with the kids but stopped when Naomi raised an alarm that she was getting dizzy. They switched to watching movies with the kids, helped them with their homework and then Christopher made dinner.


"So Daddy and I went for a check-up today and we saw the baby, " Naomi said.

"You saw the baby?"

"The baby?" Zoe and Tyler asked respectively.

Naomi nodded then passed them two ultrasound photos.

"I can't see anything" Tyler complained.

"it's blurry, I only see a small bean, " Zoe said.

Christopher moved closer to the children and explain what the picture was.

"Your younger sibling is very tiny and still growing, which is the reason for this bean-shaped like structure. I'm sure by the next check-up, your baby brother or Sister will be bigger than this." He explained and they nodded.

"We will also be moving into a new house with bigger space. Do you guys want to share a room or you want separate rooms?"

"I want to share a room with Sissy." Tyler declared.

"You want to share a room with your brother?" Naomi asked Zoe and she nodded positively.

She looked at Christopher. "I guess it's all settled then."

Christopher and Naomi put their kids to bed and read them a bedtime story. By 8 pm, they were already fast asleep, giving the adults some alone time.

While Naomi was taking a shower, Christopher stuck up her nightstand with some bars of chocolate and plantain chips in case she gets hungry at midnight.

He placed a bottle of water and her medicine on her nightstand.

Soon enough, Naomi walked out of the bathroom in a pyjamas pants and top and her hair was in a messy bun.

Christopher closed the gap between them and said. "I was expecting to see you in one of my shirts."

She smiled weakly, "I've been feeling cold since this evening so I wanted something that would keep me super warm."

"Please don't fall sick." He pleaded and she smiled.

"I won't. It's just one of the things I have to deal with being pregnant. I'm sure I'll be fine by tomorrow morning." She assured.

"I put enough chocolate bars and chips in the nightstand wardrobe and if you feel like taking something else at midnight, don't forget to wake me up so I can accompany you."

"Are you trying to call me a foodie?" She teased.

"No babe." He kissed her and then guided her to the bed where they cuddled.

"So I'm guessing we will move to our new place when they are done with the furnishing?" She asked.

"Anyhow you want it, my love. The house is ours so we can move in anytime."

"What do you want our baby to be? A girl or a boy?" She knew Tyler and Zoe wants a baby sister and so does her mom but her soon to be husband hasn't said anything about the gender.

"I'm okay with any gender, be it a girl, a boy or twin babies. I just want the baby to be healthy."

Naomi chuckled, "You should have just said you wanted twins."

He smiled, "As I said, I'm okay with anything God blesses us with"

Naomi looked at the love of her life with so much adoration in her eyes, "Thank you for everything Christopher, I never thought I could be this happy. Thank you for loving me unconditionally."

"You're the best thing that has ever happened to me too. Thank you for all you do for me and our children."

Naomi smiled, "I love you."

"And I love you more." He said, then kissed her.

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