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   Chapter 42 Forty Two

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Never have I ever written in first person but I tried it in this chapter so please be nice, Thanks!

Weeks Later

Christopher Ryan Smith's POV

It was hard for me to fall asleep last night because of anxiety. I've spent days planning for today and I hope everything goes as planned. Naomi is the best thing that has ever happened to me, she's the sweetest person on earth and I love her so much that I cannot imagine not spending the rest of my life without her.

I love the way she snuggled up to me, she must have been tired after our lovemaking last night. I stare at her a little longer, kissed her forehead then carefully untangled myself away from her.

I made my way to the bathroom to do my business, hoping to go to Tyler and Zoe's room when I'm done, to remind them of our surprise for later.

As soon as I stepped out of the bathroom, someone pushed me out of the way, ran into the bathroom and what followed was the sound of Naomi puking.

I went back into the bathroom and saw the love of my life kneeling by the toilet, her face in the toilet bowl.

I closed the gap between us, knelt by side and calm her down the best way I can.

Thankfully, her hair was in a ponytail so that was out of the way. I patted her back and whispered soothing words in her ear. I wonder what went wrong, she was fine throughout yesterday. Maybe it was the dinner we ate. Shit! I made dinner last night, I hope I didn't add any spice that she is allergic to.

After a while, I flushed the toilet, help Naomi to her feet. She gestured for me to pass her toothbrush. I applied some paste on it and passed it to her. She washed her teeth after which she gurgled with a mouth wash.

I closed the gap between us and felt her temperature with the back of my palm, she was warm but her eyes were dull; she looked very tired.

Afraid that she was going to pass out if she stands for too long, I carry her into the bedroom and made her sit on the bed. Then I knelt before her.

I ran my fingers through my hair and then spoke. "I'm sorry, it must be the spaghetti I prepared last night. I must have added some spice in the sauce that caused you a stomach upset.."

Naomi was about to say something but I cut her off. "Should I call the doctor?" I asked with a heavy heart. The last thing I want is for Naomi to be admitted. Words can't describe how much I dislike hospitals, I don't wish for anyone to be there."

"No need for a Doctor, I'm fine." She replied with a smile playing on her lips.

"Are you sure?" I asked and she nodded.

She took my hands in hers and spoke. "It's not the spaghetti you made that caused me a stomach upset. I think we are having a baby; there's a probability that I pregnant."

I opened my mouth to say something but words failed me. With tears in my eyes, I look at Naomi's face, I look down at her belly and back at her face.

"Really?" I whispered.

"I think so! What happened to me a few seconds ago could be morning sickness. I have a pregnancy test in my closet, I can take it an


"We don't know yet if it will be a girl or a boy" Naomi replied.

"Or twins" I added which made Naomi playfully glare at me.

"Twins will be cool right Tyler?" Zoe asked and he nodded.

"That way, we can have a baby brother and sister or two baby sisters" Zoe added.

Naomi Chuckled, "Guys, I'm pregnant with one baby for now so please let's stick to that."

Zoe was sitting next to Naomi so she pulled Naomi into a hug. "Thank you for making our wish come true; I can't wait for our baby Sister to be here."

Naomi kissed her forehead. "You're welcome, my love. I have no doubt you will be an amazing big sister."

My heart melted at the sight of both of them. I couldn't be more proud of their bond.

"Will the baby stay in me and Sissy's room?" Tyler asked excitedly.

"We don't know yet buddy" I answered. "We will be moving into a bigger home where there will be enough room for everyone. But I guess the baby will stay in mommy and daddy's room for a while."

"Daddy's right Ty. He or she has to stay close to me for the first six months because I'll have to be feeding your younger one often." Naomi said.

"What are we going to name the baby?" Zoe asked which made Naomi and I chuckle.

We just found out we pregnant thirty minutes ago and little miss Zoe is already asking for the name of the baby whose gender is unknown.

"Daddy and I just found out this morning that we are expecting a baby. We haven't thought about any names yet but you and your brother are free to suggest names you like." Naomi said and Zoe nodded.

We talked more about the baby before I excused myself to go make breakfast for my family. Words cannot describe how excited I am. Today couldn't get any better but I'm still a little nervous for tonight even though Linda assured me that things will go as planned.

I wasn't there as much during Zoe's pregnancy, I missed everything about Tyler's pregnancy but I feel blessed because Zoe, Tyler and I will experience everything with this baby on the way.

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