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   Chapter 41 Forty One

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 8630

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"So buddy, I hope you had fun at your party?" Christopher asked a sleepy Tyler as he put on his nightwear for him. He and Zoe were exhausted from the day's activities; they had so much fun.

"Yes Daddy, Sissy and I had so much fun and we made new friends too." He replied in a sleepy voice.

"I'm glad you guys enjoyed yourselves." Christopher connected his hands with Tyler's and led him to his bed. Zoe was already on her side of the bed, waiting for Tyler so they would fall asleep together.

At the party, it was as if Zoe and Tyler were the ones celebrating their birthday. Apart from the fact that they had matching outfits, they were inseparable throughout the party. Tyler insisted Zoe cut his cake with him and he hardly took any pictures without Zowi in it.

"Do you guys want me to read a bedtime story to you?" Naomi asked as Christopher helpe

o know what Tyler wished for on his birthday?"

"I would love to know but I think he would have told me if he wanted me to know."

Zoe shrugged.

"I love Tyler and I want to make sure his birthday wish comes true. And you said I can trust you with anything so that's why I want to tell you what he wished for." Naomi nodded, encouraging Zoe to continue.

"Tyler wants a baby Sister, please can you give us a sister?" She pleaded.

Naomi smiled, "That's what he wants?"

"Yes, " Zoe answered.

"I will talk to your Daddy, we will see what we can do about that." She promised.

Naomi and Christopher were sexually active, but she wasn't sure if she was pregnant yet. She hadn't noticed any changes in her body and she was scared to take a pregnancy test because she believed it was too early and she feared that the test might come out negative.

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