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   Chapter 39 Thirty Nine

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 10144

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Naomi looked in his eyes and saw the desire in them, she had no doubt she had the same desire in her eyes.

For good four years, she dreamt about him; how it would be like to be in his arms again and how it would be like have him in her. She wanted him so bad that she couldn't refuse his offer.

Instead of replying him, she kissed him and Chris returned the kiss with the same passion.

He guided her to the bathroom, gently pushed her against the wall and continued to savor her sweet lips.

They pulled away when they were almost out of breath and he used that opportunity to undress her. He lifted her shirt over her head and unhooked her bra. For some reason, his eyes couldn't leave her breasts.

Christopher noticed they were bigger than the last time he saw them. It didn't look as if Tyler had sucked from them. They were just......perfect!

Naomi blushed, "They got bigger after Tyler's birth."

Christopher placed her on the bathroom counter and took one of her nipples in his mouth while he played with the other one.

With her eyes closed, Naomi threw her head back and enjoyed the pleasure he was giving her. She felt like she was in cloud nine as he teased and sucked.

A few minutes later, she guided his mouth to the other nipples to give it the same pleasure as the first one.

Something caught Christopher's attention as he was about to unzip Naomi's short. A scar around her abdomen.

Naomi felt his eyes on her scar and quickly covered it with her palm. Suddenly she felt, shy, exposed and embarrassed.

Christopher cupped her face with his hands. "It's a scar from Tyler's birth?" He asked and she gave a positive nod.

"You don't have to be shy about it, especially in front of me. It's a sign that you brought our precious son to life. Thank you for being strong; You went through everything alone without me being there. You're are an amazing mother and soon to be the most wonderful wife of Christopher Smith." Naomi smiled, feeling a bit relaxed.

He removed her palm from the scar, ran his fingers over it and showered it with kisses.

Christopher unzipped her shorts, pulled them off her legs and dropped them on the floor. He quickly undressed and slammed his lips against hers.

As he kissed her, Naomi reached for his member and gently stroked it. She smiled against Christopher's lips as she felt him go still. She loved the fact that she had the same effect on him as he did on her.

Christopher was planning on teasing her before making love to her but he didn't see that happening as he couldn't wait to be inside her.

He positioned her beside the counter and slowly entered her. It was hard for him not to come at that moment because she was so tight and wet. He gave her time to adjust to his size and then increased his pace till they both came.

After catching their breaths, he carried her to the shower and started washing her body. She did the same for him and halfway through, they decided to go for another round of lovemaking with him emptying his seeds in

ered. Just be here in the next six minutes."

"I'll go check on Tyler and Zoe then."

"They are awake. I checked up on them before coming to the kitchen."

"That's strange, Tyler is never an early riser." She said.

"Same with Zoe, so I'm surprised too, " he said.

Christopher chuckled, "They were talking about cartoons when I checked on them."


Naomi walked into Tyler's room, She met Ty and Zoe lying comfortably on the bed, watching TV; one of Tyler's favorite cartoons.

"Good morning mama, " Tyler said and made his way to his mom.

Naomi hugged him, then kissed his forehead. "Good morning Sweetheart, Did you sleep well?" She asked and he nodded.

"Morning" Zowie smiled sheepishly.

Naomi engulfed her into a hug, showered her face with kisses and eventually placed a kiss on her forehead.

"I can tell you slept well too, " Naomi asked and Zoe nodded.

"I woke up to Ty Ty's leg on my face."

"But I already said sorry to you Sissy." He groaned.

"Yes, you did my brother." She kissed Tyler's cheek and began tickling him.

Naomi smiled as she watched the duo tickle themselves.

She had to intervene in their tickling session, reminding them that breakfast was almost ready.

Naomi guided Zoe and Tyler to the bathroom, they did their business and joined Christopher who had already set up the dining table.

"Zoe, do you want to pray for us before we dig in?" Naomi asked.

"Okay, " Zoe answered proudly. She put her right hand in Naomi's own, her left hand in Tyler's own and led the prayer.

"Thank you, God, for breakfast that we are about to eat, provide for people who don't have any food and continue to bless all of us."

"Amen." They chorused.

"That was good Zoe." Naomi praised and the little girl beamed before digging into her chocolate chip pancakes.

"I was thinking we should all go out today" Christopher suggested.

"Not a bad idea but where?" Naomi asked.

Christopher smiled, "it's a surprise adventure for the four of us."

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