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   Chapter 37 Thirty Seven

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 9607

Updated: 2019-09-01 23:29

Christopher spent his Monday and Tuesday attending one meeting to another with his sister, Susan since she would be taking over the head office once he goes to California to oversee the new branch.

Chris taught Susan all she needed to know, they reviewed contacts together and during his break hours, he called Naomi but mostly spoke to Tyler. Whenever Tyler knew his Daddy was on the phone, he would insist Naomi give him the phone and his talk with Chris will end up taking his break time.

He only had time to freely talk to Naomi at night when Tyler was asleep.

On Wednesday, Christopher spent half a day at work. By 1 pm, he started gathering his things, getting ready to leave and at the same time preparing his desk for his sister to take over.

Chris said his temporary goodbye to the Staff, they wished him luck on the new branch and he made his way to the car after the good wishes.

He had to pick up Zoe for their superhero shopping and


"That's a lot" Susan whispered before she gulped down her bottled water.

She took a seat beside her brother. "So are you excited to see her tomorrow?" He didn't need to ask because he knows who she was referring to.

He blushed, "Of course I'm excited."

"You know, I'm happy to see you this way. To see you whipped by her; It's so good to see you in love. I can't wait to meet her too."

"I feel happier than I have ever been. It seems everything is coming together and I would not have it any other way. I promise to be vigilant this time so on one will come between us."

"So when will you ask her to marry you?" Susan winked.

Christopher smiled, "If it was possible to ask her today, I would. I will eventually ask her to marry me but I want to take it slow, I don't want to scare her away."

"I can already see and feel your happy ever after, I'm so happy for you Chris. You deserve so much more!"

He blushed, "Thanks Buba."

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