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   Chapter 36 Thirty Six

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 11190

Updated: 2019-08-30 10:59

Naomi, Christopher, and Tyler spent their Saturday in Naomi's home; They decided not to go out so they stayed in and spent the whole day together.

They ate, cuddled, went for a swim, watched movies and played hide and seek. It was a fun-filled Saturday for the three of them. At night, Tyler insisted he wanted to sleep with his parents and they let him take the middle space.

The enjoyment came to an end all too soon as It was Sunday evening and Christopher had to return to Miami but Tyler wasn't making things easy as he kept on crying, not wanting his father to leave him and his mom.

"I don't like to see you cry, Ty. Daddy will be back in four days time." He persuaded, hoping he would stop crying.

Christopher was tempted to stay back but he couldn't because he had to finish some office work he abandoned, he had to figure out what to do so he could spend more time with Naomi and Tyler, and he had to see Zoe.

"Don't go, Daddy." He said as another tear rolled down his cheeks. The more Naomi wiped his tears, the more they kept on falling.

"Ty, my love, Daddy has to go finish up some work, he will be back by Thursday. It's not far anymore."

"But I don't want Daddy to go." He sobbed in Christopher's chest.

"I promise to call your mom everyday buddy, we will talk from time to time."

"No!" He hiccuped.

Naomi and Christopher exchanged a sad smile.

"Ty baby, Daddy has to go so he will get your birthday present."

"I don't want no present, I want Daddy to stay"

Christopher kissed his forehead. "Daddy can't stay because Daddy has to bring Zoe to your party."

He stopped crying and looked into Christopher's eyes. "You will bring Zowi?" He asked and Christopher nodded.

"Four more nights of sleep and Daddy will be back with Zowi" Christopher assured.

"Can Daddy go now buddy?. The pilot will be mad at him if he doesn't show up anytime from now." Naomi said.

Tyler looked down at his hands and whispered. "But I will miss Daddy."

"I'll miss you too buddy. I promise to call you from time to time and we can talk all you want." He said and Tyler nodded.

Naomi collected Tyler from Chris, they rose to their feet and walked towards the door where his luggage was waiting for him.

He couldn't hug Naomi fully because she was holding Tyler so he gave her a half hug, kissed her passionately and then kissed her forehead.

"I'll be thinking about you two."

Naomi smiled, "Same here, Take care and call me when you land."

"I will."

"Ty, make sure you take care of mummy okay?" Chris said and Tyler nodded.

"I love you Son." He kissed his cheek.

"I love you too." He said to Naomi, stole a kiss from her and hurried out with his luggage into the taxi.


As soon as he got on the jet, he turned on his laptop and buried himself with work; four hours later, they were in Miami Florida.

Chris took out his phone, texted Naomi to let her know he landed safely and that he will give her a call when he's settled.

He told his father's driver who picked him up to head straight to his parents' mansion instead of his. He couldn't wait to tell his parents about Tyler and couldn't wait to see Zoe too. Hopefully, she would still be awake.

"Welcome, Chris." Gerald, the butler greeted him.

"Hi, Gee!" He replied the old man who has been working for his fathe

to Zoe's room and the little girl was fast asleep. He kissed her forehead and then took a seat beside her. He caressed her hands and watch her sleep for a few minutes.

Then he brought out his phone from his pocket and dialed Naomi; she picked up immediately.

"Heyy, " He whispered to the other side.

"We miss you, " Naomi said.

"I miss you guys more, I can't wait for Thursday to come so you, Ty, Zoe and I will be together."

"Me too."

"How's Tyler?" He asked, "He's fine and fast asleep beside me. I had to bribe him with cookies to cheer him up after you left. How is Zoe?"

"She's fine too. She's asleep already. I told her we have a birthday to attend and we would be in California by Thursday but I didn't tell her whose birthday it is."

Naomi chuckled. "Why?"

"She will be so hyper and probably won't sleep till Thursday. Besides, I want it to be a surprise for her."

"I can't wait to meet her too."

"I was thinking you were not going to pick up because you would be asleep since it's almost midnight over there."

"Yeah, let's say I can't sleep because I was thinking about you. I was kind of waiting for your call. Besides, Linda and Luis came over not long after you left, they stayed for five hours before they took their leave.

"I hope Luis and I can be friends now."

"Oh, I reminded him today that he owes you an apology."

"Really?" Chris chuckled.

"Yes, I did and he promised to apologize when he sees you which will probably be on tyler's party."

"Luis is my only sibling and I want you guys to get along."

"I'm sure we will."

"Spending the weekend with you and our son has been one of the best moments of my life, I love you, Naomi."

Naomi was blushing on the other side, she was happy he couldn't see her, if not she would die of embarrassment.

"I can imagine you blushing really hard right now." He smiled.

"No, I'm not." She denied.

He chuckled, "You sure?"

"Okay, maybe a little. It's your fault not mine, you make me feel things I've not felt before and everything about you makes me go crazy."

Christopher grinned, "Just what I wanted to hear my love. I'm happy you feel that way about me because I feel the same way for you and even more."

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