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   Chapter 35 Thirty Five

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 9412

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"Mommy, hurry, I want to go hug Grandma and Grandpa, " Tyler whined for Naomi to unbuckled him from his car seat.

As soon as she unbuckled him and placed him on his feet, he ran into the mansion.

Christopher chuckled, "I guess they are all like that. Zoe gets very excited whenever she's given the opportunity to spend time with my parents."

"It's really crazy how excited he is and how nervous I am."

He closed the gap between them. "I can stay in the car and wait for you."

Naomi nodded negatively. "I want you to come with me besides I'm sure Tyler has started telling them about you."

"They are your parents and I'm sure they will understand. Whatever it is, I'll be there for you." He assured and she nodded.

He stretched out his elbow to her, she connected her hand in it and they walked into the mansion.

From the entrance, they could hear Tyler's voice. He was talking to his grandparents about the type of cake he chose for his superhero birthday party.

Naomi traced Tyler's voice to the second living room. Her parents, Anna and Roland were seated, listening to Tyler who was standing before them describe his birthday cake.

Tyler noticed his parents' presence and he smiled. He walked up to Christopher and did the introduction."Grandma, Grandpa, meet my Daddy."

"Oh heavens, " Anna replied in shock as she placed her hand on her chest.

Roland could not believe what he was looking at. For confirmation, he picked up his glasses that were on a nearby table, put it on but nothing changed. He was looking at the adult version of Tyler.

Naomi squatted towards Tyler "Ty, can you tell Rose to make you some cookies? She should be in the kitchen."

"Okay, mama." He said and went in search of rose, the housekeeper.

"Good day Ma'am, Nice to meet you, Sir." Chris greeted Naomi's parents who did not reply because they were in shock.

Naomi guided Chris to a couch opposite her parents, they took their seat.

"Chris...Christopher Smith?" Anna asked.

"Yes, I am Christopher Smith." He replied.

"No wonder Julius went pale when I showed him Tyler's picture on my birthday, " Roland said more to himself.

"But darling why didn't you tell us he's Tyler's father?" Anna, Naomi's mother asked.

Naomi did not know what response to give her parents. Things between She and Christopher have been quite complicated. She did not know where to start.

Even though her parents did not make it to Chris and Vivian's wedding, they were aware he got married, they were aware of his divorce and they were also aware he has a child. What surprised them was the fact that Naomi did not say anything while these events were happening.

No matter how much they pressure Naomi into telling them who Tyler's father was, she wouldn't give in. They expected Tyler's father to be

cuddled on her bed.

"Thank you for standing up for me in front of my parents."

"It's nothing Naomi, I'll do it again if I have to."

"So you said we will discuss paying for Tyler's party when we get home."

Naomi groaned and sat up. "I thought you would have forgotten about that."

He smirked, "Unfortunately, I haven't."

"So Naomi, may I do the honors of paying for everything relating to our son's birthday party?"

"No." She answered immediately.

"Why?" he frowned.

"Because it's unfair to let you pay all. We are going to split it, 50/50"

"85/15" Christopher proposed.

"I'll pay the 85, you will pay the 15%, " She said.

"No, it's going to be the other way around. I'll pay the most and you will pay less."

Naomi sighed, "Fine, just pay all."

He stole a kiss from her "Thank you."

"Did you talk to Zoe today?" She asked concerned.

"I usually pick her up from her mom's place for the weekend but since I'm not in town, she gets to spend the weekend with my parents."

"I texted my mom earlier, She said Zoe is fine but she misses me a lot."

Naomi's heart went out to the little girl.

"How is she coping with spending the weekdays with Vivian and the weekends with you. Have she asked you why she has to switch houses?"

"Zoe is an understanding child, she asked me why her mom and I are not together like her friends' parents are and I told her it's because her mom and I don't love each other. I promised her Vivian and I love her so much and we will always be there for her."

"Even though she gets to stay with me on weekends, I do see her on weekdays, I attend her school activities, and sometimes I pick her up from school and we spend the rest of the day together."

"I can't wait to meet her, I hope she will like me as much as she likes her brother, " Naomi said.

Christopher smiled. "You'll be surprised.

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