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   Chapter 34 Thirty Four

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 9721

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Christopher walked into Tyler's room to wake him up on Naomi's instruction. If they allow him to sleep more it would be difficult for him to go to bed on time at night.

"Hey buddy, Tyler...." Christopher tried to wake him up.

Tyler groaned before opening his eyes. He smiled as soon as he saw his father.

"You're still here Daddy."

"Yes, love. I promised you I would be here when you wake up."

"Are you hungry?" he asked him.

"A little."

"Mama is making lunch, let's go join her in the kitchen."

Tyler was still booting from his nap so Chris had to carry him in his arms. They made their way to the kitchen.

Naomi was setting up the table for lunch. She approached Chris who had Tyler in his arms and kissed Tyler.

"You okay Ty?" She asked him and he nodded against Christopher's shoulder.

Chris chuckled, " He's still tired, I think we disturbed his nap."

"If we don't wake him up now, he won't go to bed early at night."

They settled down at the dining table, had lunch and made conversations in between. The conversation was more friendly than it was when they had breakfast.

After their conversation, they cleaned up and went to get ready for their evening outing.

Chris told Naomi to go get ready while he dressed up for Tyler. He changed Tyler's outfit to a casual one, buckled his shoes and led him out of his room.

"Where are we going, Daddy?" Tyler asked.

"We are going to meet your mom's friend who is helping us plan your party."

"Aunt Maddy's place." He smiled.

"I guess so, " Christopher replied since Naomi did not tell him the name of her friend.

"I like Aunty Maddy, she's very nice; she gives me cookies and milk whenever I visit."

They got to the living room where Naomi was waiting for them, though she was on a phone call.

She was still in her jeans and top from this morning. She only changed her footwear and brushed her hair. She was effortlessly beautiful.

As soon as she noticed Tyler and Chris were ready, she ended her call and approached them. She squatted towards Tyler. "You're looking handsome my love."

He grinned, "Daddy dressed me up." She kissed his cheek and rose to her feet.

"I was talking to my mom on the phone." Chris nodded, encouraging her to continue.

"She wants me to come over after her visit to Maddie." She said nervously.

"If you don't want me to come with you it's fine."

"No, no, I want you to come with us. I'm just nervous because I don't know how they would react. You know, this is the first time the topic relating to Tyler's father will come up."

"It will be fine, I'll be there to support you and Tyler."

Naomi smiled, "Thank you." She gave him a kiss on his lips which made Tyler giggle. Naomi blushed as she looked everywhere except Tyler and Chris, she got carried away and had forgotten Tyler was there.

Christopher chuckled at her reaction before guiding Tyler

pretty excited." He said to Naomi as they both watched Tyler whose eyes was glued to the tab, having conversations with himself about which design was best.

Naomi smiled, "He is always excited about his birthdays. And I'm sure he's looking forward to this because you and Zoe will be there."

"I like this one." Tyler passed the tab to his parents so they could see what he wanted.

Christopher chuckled, "Our son truly has a great taste."

"I think it's ridiculous, we can go for something less, " Naomi replied.

The picture Tyler showed them was a superhero three-tier cake with almost 24 cupcakes by its side.

"Our guests are not even up to 60. Who will finish these? There will still be cookies, chocolates, sweets, popcorns, jelly and the others." Naomi said to Christopher.

Tyler already put up a puppy dog face.

"Please let's get it for him." Chris pleaded.

"Chris." Naomi groaned.

Christopher leaned closer to Naomi, he gave her a kiss on her lips then looked into her eye.

"It's the first time I'll experience him celebrate his birthday and I want it to be perfect. I'll pay for all of it if you want."

"It's not about the money Chris but I'll allow it if you want it. My mom and Laura brings him a cake every time we celebrate his birthday and I end up having cake leftovers after the party and when Tyler sees cakes in the fridge he wouldn't want to eat anything else except the cake."

Christopher smiled, he understood where she was coming from. "I'll make sure everyone eats as much cake as they can so there won't be excess leftovers."

"Fine, we can get the cake." She said which made Ty do a happy dance where he was seated.

"And I'll pay for everything." He whispered to her.

"Can we talk about this when we get home?" She asked and he nodded.

Soon enough Maddie came with samples of the food, cake, punch, and popcorn. The trio tasted them and went for the ones Tyler chose.

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