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   Chapter 33 Thirty Three

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 12342

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Naomi cleared the table and washed the dishes while Tyler showed Chris the rest of his toys.

She occupied herself by getting some chores done, giving both father and son time to bond. She knew She and Christopher have things to discuss because he will be going back to Florida at some point. She prayed Tyler does not cry his eyes out the day he was going to leave.

Later in the day, Chris and Tyler cuddled on the sofa to watch cartoons. Naomi served them cookies and drinks.

Halfway through, she noticed Tyler was feeling sleepy. It was a few minutes past his nap time.

She sat beside him. "It's time for your nap Ty."

He shakes his head negatively, "I don't want to sleep mama; I want to stay with my Daddy." He was afraid by the time he sleeps and wakes up, his Daddy will be nowhere to be found.

She looked at Chris for help.

"Mommy is right buddy, it's time for your nap; don't worry I'll be here when you wake up, I promise."

"Okay Daddy, please can you tuck me in?"


Tyler kissed his mother's cheek before Chris took him to his bedroom for his nap.

Immediately, Naomi got nervous, Tyler was about to take a nap so she will be left alone with Christopher.

About ten minutes had passed without any sign of Christopher coming out of Tyler's room so she assumed he was going to take a nap with his son.

She sighed in defeat because she was hoping they could talk things out while Tyler was asleep.

Naomi settled on the coffee table with her laptop, pen, and paper to continue where she left off yesterday on planning Tyler's party.

Christopher eventually came out of Tyler's room, knowing he can't avoid Naomi forever. He made his way to the kitchen for a bottle of water before taking a seat beside Naomi on the coffee table.

"I thought you were already taking a nap with Tyler." She said shyly, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

"I wanted to but I figured out we still have to talk." He said and Naomi nodded in understanding.

"I would like to know what happened during and after your pregnancy." He spoke.

"It was hard to move on after I sent you out of my life and then when I discovered I was pregnant I almost fell into depression."

Her voice broke as she tried to hold back tears. "It was really hard for me, I lost almost everything. You know, I had modelling contracts to fulfil and of course, I couldn't do my part because of the baby. I had to compensate like six different brands for breach on my part so let's say I kind of went broke."

"You remember my fashion house I was building that time?" She asked and he nodded.

"I had to stop working on it for a while. I realized I was almost getting broke so I had to prioritize my spending since I would not be working when I start showing."

"For the first three months of my pregnancy, I worked my ass off just to earn what I've lost and saved for the future. Luis and Linda tried to help but I refused, maybe because I'm stubborn or because I was just used to being independent."

"If I had asked my parents for money, they would have given me more than I asked for but they weren't even aware of my situation. I was scared to come clean to them about my pregnancy. I avoided every family gatherings and visits, hiding under the excuse of work."

"My parents were heartbroken when they found out about my pregnancy. I hid it from them for seven months. Mom thought she had failed me as a mother which was why I couldn't confide in her that I was carrying her grandchild. It was a very sad reunion but they never judged me. Mom insisted I move back to the mansion with them so she would take care of me. She and Dad had no idea you are Tyler's father. N

on't hesitate to get full custody."

"She promised about being a good mother and all of that and I'm glad she has been fulfilling her promise."

"I wanted Zoe to have some sort of relationship with her mother even though it was just a tiny bond."

"Zoe was not conceived in the best way thinkable but I cannot imagine life without her. She's just so adorable not to fall in love with."

"Let's not talk about Vivian anymore. You, Ty and Zoe, are my present and future and it's you guys I want to talk about."

"How far have you gone in planning Tyler's party?"

"I'm halfway through it. I have a meeting with a friend this evening. She's assisting me in planning the party; she owns a restaurant so she's in charge of the food and cake. She asked me to come with Tyler so he could taste a few cakes to see what he likes best."

"You'll come with us right?" She asked hopefully.

He smiled "Of course I will."

"So I assume the party will be in here."

"Yes, we will use the garden."

"Will your parents and Susan be chanced to come to the party?"

"I don't know about my parents but I'm sure Susan will not miss her nephew's party for anything in the world. But I'll extend the invite to my parents."

"I hope they take it easy on me."

He caressed her face, "You have nothing to worry about."

She leaned against his touch. "So that means you'll be leaving for Florida soon."

"Yes, I'll leave on Sunday evening and will be back with Zoe on Thursday in time for Tyler's party."

"Don't worry about anything. I'll work out something and we will be able to spend more time together."

He closed the gap between them, kissed her plump lips before pulling her into a hug. "Thank you for everything, thank you for giving me a mini-me, thank you for being strong for yourself and Tyler when I wasn't in the picture, the thought of you being with another man is unbearable; thank you for refusing other men."

Naomi smiled at him, "How did you know I refused other men?"

"You're a beautiful woman Naomi, no man will pass you by without taking another glance at you. I think motherhood made you more beautiful. You're curvier than the last time I saw you and I love you for who you are."

She blushed, "I think you spoiled me for other men; It was either you or no one else. Besides, I didn't have time to start from scratch with other men, I was always busy taking care of Tyler and hoping this day would come." She kissed him.

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