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   Chapter 32 Thirty Two

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 10983

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Naomi woke up and was surprised to find herself on the couch with a blanket over her. The last thing she remembered was falling asleep on the floor beside the sofa.

She smiled, Christopher must have carried her. She concluded that he still cares for her and that gave her hope that he might still feel something for her.

She stood up from the sofa and arranged the cushion pillows on it. Before heading to her room, she decided to check on her boys. She gently opened the door and her heart melted at what she saw; the most beautiful thing she has seen in awhile.

Christopher managed to squeeze himself on Tyler's bed; Tyler's head was on his father's chest and Christopher had his arms wrapped around him.

Naomi smiled and slowly shut the door. She wondered if Tyler was already aware of his father's presence.

She went to her room, took a shower and changed into a pair of jeans and a top. Then she left for the kitchen to make breakfast for three.

Christopher felt someone showering his face with kisses. He thought he was dreaming so he did not bother to open his eyes, he was enjoying the kisses anyway. Then suddenly he heard someone giggle, he slowly opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was a pair of beautiful blue eyes staring at him.

As soon as Christopher sat up, Tyler hugged him. "I'm happy to meet you, Daddy." He whispered.

Christopher's heart melted, hearing Ty calling him Daddy was the most beautiful words he has heard in a while.

He made Tyler sit on his lap and then shower his face with kisses which caused him to giggle.

Chris removed some strand of hair away from his face. "Tyler, I'm sorry for not being there for you all these while but that will change from now on because I plan on spending time with you as much as I can. I love you son."

"I love you too, Daddy." He hugged Chris.

"Does your tummy still hurt?" He asked.

Tyler frowned then placed his hand on his belly, the little boy probably did not remember having a stomach ache. All pain went away as soon as he woke up and saw his Dad beside him.

"My stomach doesn't hurt anymore." He smiled.

"Good, your mom was worried, She said you wouldn't stop crying."

"I cried because I don't like being sick or taking medicine"

Chris chuckled, he had the smiths' genes in him. They hated falling sick and despise anything that had to do with the hospital.

"I'm glad you're feeling better."

Tyler asked with one of his puppy dog eyes, "Will you stay with me forever Daddy? Please? I want you to take me to school and read me bedtime stories."

"I will stay with you forever buddy but Daddy will have to travel from time to time to do some work. But don't worry I'll always make time for you."

He nodded.

"Mommy said I have a sister. Did she come too?"

Christopher smiled. He was grateful Naomi informed Tyler about Zoe. Even though his children are from different mothers, he wanted them to get along and probably have a good sibling relationship like him and his sister, Susan.

"No, I didn't come with her but she's fine and I'm sure she will love to meet you."

"You want to see her picture?" He asked and Tyler replied with a positive nod.

He reached for his phone on Tyler's nightstand and that was when he noticed a frame. Inside t

k a little and then broke the news to his mom.

"Zowi is my Sister. I told Daddy to invite her to my birthday party."

Naomi was speechless, she looked at Christopher. Chris continued to feed Tyler as he spoke.

"I showed him Zoe's picture and he recognized her as his Zowi. No day has passed without Zoe mentioning how much she misses her Ty Ty."

"Since Tyler came back from the camp, Zoe was all he talked about." She whispered, trying to process the fact that Tyler had met his sister without even knowing it and they love each other already.

"Do you want to be strong like Daddy when you grow up?" Tyler nodded with a mouth full of pancakes.

"Then you must always eat your food okay?"

Tyler frowned "But I don't like food. I like bread, cereal, and snacks. I don't like vegbles."

"Vegetables." Naomi corrected. Sometimes he pronounced it well and other times, he forgets how to.

"Tyler, if you want to be strong like Daddy you have to eat your food and mostly your vegetables."

He took a glance at Naomi then turned his attention to his son "Your mom's vegetable is the best I've ever tasted; make sure you eat them often okay? Do you promise Daddy to always eat your food?"

"I promise Daddy." Christopher kissed his cheek and continued feeding him.

Naomi had a sad smile on her face, her stomach flipped when he gave her credit for the vegetables. Besides that, watching Christopher feed Tyler and engage in conversations with him was priceless. She couldn't bring happier that they were getting along.

Christopher had only taken a few bites of his food because he was focused on feeding Tyler.

Naomi did not want to pry but she couldn't help it. Christopher's food was getting cold so she offered to feed Tyler the rest of his food so Chris could eat his.

"Chris, your food is getting cold. Don't worry I'll feed Tyler so you can eat."

He was about to decline when Tyler interrupted. "I'll finish my food myself Daddy so you can eat your food too. Mama says every food is sweeter while it's hot." Tyler said then started feeding himself.

Christopher sighed then dug in. It was going to be hard to stay mad at Naomi when Tyler was involved.

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