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   Chapter 31 Thirty one

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 11667

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As soon as Christopher was done settling down in his hotel room, he received the email he has been waiting for. It contained a few information about Naomi.

Chris was unbothered about all the unnecessary details Ruben added to what he asked him to do. He only wanted her address and perhaps a picture of his son. As he predicted, she had moved into a new home so he noted the new address, she was still single and her son was going to be four years old in a few days time.

Christopher did the calculations and concluded the boy was his as she conceived the first night they made love.

Below the information was a picture of a little boy, his son. Chris was shocked; the resemblance was just too much, the little guy looked nothing like Naomi. Tears welled up in his eyes as he stared at the screen for minutes.

"Why did you keep him away from me Naomi." The tears finally rolled down his cheeks, he buried his face in his hands and cried. He couldn't believe he lived his last four years without knowing about Tyler. He missed his birth, his first bath, first word and so many other firsts that he couldn't think of.

Something clicked in Christopher's mind, he scrolled through the information and stopped at where his son's details were. His heart sank as soon as he read out his full name "Tyler Christian Brown." Another reason to be mad at Naomi, she did not give his son his name.

Christopher has never been someone with a hot temper but the fact that she refused to give Tyler his name made his blood boil. He was thinking about going to face Naomi the next morning but he changed his mind.

He reached for his shoes, wallet, keycard, and coat and walked out of his hotel room.

Fortunately, it was a twelve-minute taxi ride from his hotel to where Naomi stayed.

He took a glance at his wristwatch before pressing the doorbell, it was 10:58 pm.

Naomi was ready to not only abuse but beat-up the person she sees at her door who was pressing the doorbell like a lunatic this late hour. She had a hard time putting Tyler to bed, he had a tummy ache and was crying all through. She succeeded in making him fall asleep twenty minutes ago and the stranger by her door wants to wake her precious son up.

"It seems someone will end up in jail tonight." She whispered in anger as she unlocked the door.

Naomi went still, the stick she was holding fell from her, she slowly closed her mouth that was already opened to hurl insults, never did it cross her mind that Chris could be the person at the door at his hour.

She had never seen him like this the few times they spent together. He was angry, his eyes were piercing into her soul.

With an increased heartbeat, she slowly disconnected her eyes from him. She looked down at her feet and fiddled with her hands but she could still his eyes burning holes into her body. She knew she was in trouble.

She paved way for him to pass and shut the door after he had entered.

Christopher took off his coat, placed it on one of the couches in the living room and turned his attention to Naomi.

"How could you?" He attacked. "For three years, eleven months and twenty-two days, you hid my son from me. I was living life without knowing someone who looks up to me existed. What type of father do you want me to look like in front of my own son?" A tear fell from his eyes.

Naomi was looking everywhere else except Chris, She had tears in her eyes. Suddenly, words became her enemy as she could not come up with a

approached Tyler's bed with slow steps, trying to take in everything in the room. It was a beautiful room.

He knelt down by Tyler's bed and admired the beautiful creature he and Naomi made. Soft snores were coming from him. No doubt the little boy was his, he could tell from his sleeping face, Tyler was a mini-Chris. He removed some strand of hair from his face to get a perfect view and that was when he noticed the dried tears on his cheeks. His heart went out to his son who had a stomach ache all evening. He caressed his hands. "I'll protect you from anyone and everything including your stomach ache. I just heard about you in less than twenty-four hours but I love you so much already. I promise to work things out, we will spend as much time as we can together to make up for the lost times. I love you, Ty."

Naomi wiped another tear that rolled down her cheeks. Even when she knew Chris was still mad at her she was happy the heavy burden was off her shoulders, Chris now knew about his son, that's all that matters. But she hopes they settle their differences because she needs him too.

She walked into Tyler's closet and came out with a small wooden box with Tyler's name and date of birth engraved on it. She handed it to him alongside a MacBook.

"I know it's not the same as being there physically but I captured some of his firsts and other moments."

As soon as Christopher collected the items, Naomi walked out of Tyler's room to give both father and son the privacy they need.

Christopher got comfortable on the rug, He caressed the words that were engraved on the box. "Tyler Christian Brown: 20/09/2015: 6 pounds, 7 ounces." He smiled, Zowi was 6 pounds, 8 ounces when she was born.

Chris opened the box and went through the photos one by one, admiring each of them. He laughed at the funny ones, he smiled at the cute ones and he shed tears wishing he was there with Ty to experience the beautiful moments.

Christopher switched on the mac book, inserted the flash drive he found in the box. There were different videos of Tyler. The first video he clicked on was the moment Tyler took his first step. He had a proud smile on his face and he shed a few tears.

Meanwhile, Naomi was in the living room, on the floor, by the sofa, crying her eyes out while hugging Christopher's coat.

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