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   Chapter 29 Twenty Nine

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 8045

Updated: 2019-08-12 14:09

This was one of the times Naomi wished she had some sort of superpower that will make She, Tyler and her car disappear to her apartment.

She increased her pace with Tyler in her arms, pretending not to hear that someone was calling her.

"Someone is calling you mama." An innocent Tyler informed Naomi. She ignored what he said and adjusted him in her arms, making his head rest well on her shoulders, enough to hide his face.

Her goal was to settle Tyler in his car seat and drive straight out of her parents' mansion but tears welled up in Naomi's eyes as soon as she noticed her car key was missing in her purse.

"God, please do something, I'm not ready for this." She sobbed internally but she was too late because Sarah caught up with her.

Sarah smith stepped outside the mansion to receive an incoming call. Upon seeing Naomi, She terminated the call halfway through the conversation.

As soon as she called her name, She noticed Naomi increased her pace towards the car park.

Sarah increased her pace too, hoping to catch up with her eventually. She had no idea what she was going to say to Naomi but she wanted to look into her eyes and see how she was doing.

Sarah felt and still feels guilty for what happened, she feels guilty for trusting someone else over her son, she feels guilty about the fact that she created an atmosphere where her son could not come clean to her that for the first time in his life he had fallen in love with a girl and that girl was Naomi. She only got to know about his interest in Naomi after Vivian's confession.

"Naomi." Sarah greeted nervously.

"Oh, Hi Sarah, " Naomi replied to Sarah's greeting with a forced smile as she patted Tyler's back. His face was turned to the other side so Sarah could not see much of the little boy.

"You sound nervous, You okay?" She asked, hoping her presence was not making the poor girl uncomfortable.

Naomi bit her lip and nodded positively.

Sarah noticed the boy Naomi was carrying. He should be the same age as her granddaughter, Zoe. She was tempted to ask if he was hers but she didn't want to pry. He might just be a friend's son that she was babysitting.

She saw how uncomfortable the boy was in her arms as if he wanted to come down or something.

Sarah chuckled, "I think he wants you to put him down. Is he yours?" She asked before she could stop herself and she mentally facepalmed. 'S

versation with her, She made me understand Naomi did not reveal who Tyler's father was." Julius nodded, encouraging his wife to continue.

"It all makes sense now. She did her best to avoid both of us at the party. I saw her at a distance but she disappeared before I got to where she was. Fortunately, I caught up with her when she was trying to escape. At first, I thought my presence was making her uncomfortable because she was very nervous."

"Are you sure about this Sarah? What did Naomi say about it?"

"I'm sure my love, the resemblance told it all. Naomi could not even look into my eyes to answer my question." She replied.

"I received a call from Roland about four years ago, he shared the good news with me but it did not seem like good news to me because I was hoping Christopher will get back with Naomi. Never did it cross my mind that the child she gave birth to was our grandchild because Christopher told me nothing happened between them that they were only getting to know each other before Vivian interrupted their relationship. I thought of telling Chris but I couldn't bring myself to do so. I thought by not telling him, I would save him from further heartbreak because I concluded that Naomi does not feel the same way about him. Besides, Zoe was just a few weeks old then and Chris had a lot on his plate."

He continued, "However, I think you're right. Earlier tonight, Roland showed me a picture of his grandson, Tyler and all I could see was Christopher's face. I thought I was hallucinating."

Sarah reached for her phone in her purse. "I'm calling Chris......."

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