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   Chapter 28 Twenty Eight

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 11629

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"You look pretty mama." Tyler smiled at his mom.

"Thank you, my love, you look handsome too." She crouched to his height, kissed his left cheek and adjusted his bow tie. Tyler was putting on his cute Tuxedo.

Naomi made sure she and her son were matching because he was her date. Today was Naomi's father's birthday so her mom planned a birthday dinner for him, just to celebrate with close friends and family.

"Let's go, mommy, we won't get a piece of cake if we get there late." Tyler pouted.

Naomi smiled, Cake was definitely Tyler's favourite. "Let me grab my clutch and we will be on our way."

Naomi searched her closet for a clutch that matched her outfit. She finally found one and instantly shoved some things inside. Her phones, wipes, car keys and credit card.

"I'm ready pumpkin, let's go." She stretched her hand to Tyler. He clasped his tiny hand with hers and they walked out of her room.

Naomi wanted to make a stop at Tyler's room when he let out a groan. " Tyler love, I just need to pack some change of clothes for you. It won't take long okay?"

"I promise not to dirty my clothes mommy." He gave her his puppy dog face.

She sighed before giving in to his plea. "Okay then, let's go."

Naomi smiled as she drove into her parents' mansion, She could see a lot of cars parked that it took her a while to find a spot to park her car. She knew her mom would never keep her promise when she said she was only going to invite a few friends. She had no doubt the small get together that was planned had turned to a big party.

She got down from the car and helped Tyler out of the backseat, She handed him the gift he brought for his Grandpa and they walked in together.

Roland Brown was in the midst of three of his friends when he heard his precious grandson call him. "Grandpa???" Tyler called and ran towards him.

Roland passed his glass of wine to one of his friends and squatted, ready to embrace Tyler.

Tyler wrapped his left hand around his Grandfather's neck and hugged him. "Happy Birthday Grandpa, Long life to you." He smiled.

Roland had the happiest smile on his face. "Thank you, buddy, I love you so much." He kissed his cheek.

"I got a present for you, Grandpa." He handed Roland the gift.

"Thank you Kiddo."

"I see we are matching."Roland referred to Tyler's outfit.

Tyler smiled, " Yes, Mommy bought it for me. She said I'm her date so I have to dress up like this. I love it, It makes me look like a big boy." He used his tiny arms to demonstrate how big of a boy the tux made him look.

"Grandpa, is there still cake? Can I have some?" He whispered.

Roland laughed out loud, "Sure buddy, we were waiting for you to arrive before we cut the cake."

"Really?" He grinned and Roland replied with a nod.

He passed the gift to one the maid who was passing by and lifted Tyler in his arms. He walked back to his group of friends and introduced his grandson to them.

Words cannot describe how much Roland loves his Grandson. He thought Luis was going to be the first person to give him an heir but he was happy anyway.

Roland was kind of hurt when he found out about Naomi's pregnancy, she hid it from them more than she should have. Everything made sense when they realized she would always avoid seeing them physically.

Till date, Anna and Roland have no idea who Tyler's father was because their stubborn daughter wouldn't say anything about it. But they were proud of the way she raised T

ubt he will figure something out, " Linda said.

"Enough of the worry Naomi, just take the first step." She added.

Luis walked in with a plate of cookies and sippy cup which contained orange juice. He handed them to Tyler who happily dug in before joining his sister and wife.

"It turned out they just arrived and they aren't leaving anytime soon. Mom said its been long they've seen each other so they need time to catch up before Sarah and her husband leave for Miami."

"They are the only ones right?" She asked her brother who instantly understood what she meant."

"Yes, So would you rather talk to them since you haven't figured out how to tell Chris?"

"She wants Chris to be the first to know." Linda interrupted.

"I'll just take my leave as soon as Tyler is done eating, " Naomi whispered.

"I know I never had a good relationship with Christopher and I think I kind of owe him an apology for how I beat him up that day. But nevertheless, he deserves to know about Tyler. So hurry up with whatever plans you have."

"Mind you, I know this is not only about Tyler, but it is also about you. I know you still love him." Luis added.

"I don't want his first child to see me as someone who was the cause of her parents' separation...."

Luis chuckled, "You overthink things, Sis."

"On my own opinion, I think you've sacrificed enough and it's time for you and Ty to be happy with Chris."

"You will be in awe when you meet Christopher's daughter, I give you my word, " he added.

"Why are you crying, mama?" Tyler asked concerned as he stood before Naomi and his uncle.

Naomi wiped her tears with the back of her palm and put on a sad smile.

"Mommy is having a little headache but don't worry I'll be fine okay?"

"There's one more cookie on my plate. You can have it, mama, it will make the headache go away."

Before Naomi could reply her son, he ran to where the cookie was, brought it to his mom and fed her.


Naomi cursed silently as she came to a halt, "No no no, not when I've come this far." She grumbled internally because she and Tyler were a few steps away from getting into her car.

Even without turning back to look at the person that called her, She could tell who it was from the voice. Sarah Smith, Tyler's grandmother.


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