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   Chapter 27 Twenty seven

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 11358

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Suing Vivian or pressing any sort of charges against her was the last thing on Christopher's mind as soon as he signed the divorce papers four years ago.

For all that he went through, he needed to heal and that made him take a month's vacation to an undisclosed town, far away from where he lived.

It was a beautiful town where people lived like they were in the 18th century. There was hardly network on his phone and neither was there any access to the internet and he loved it that way because He wouldn't be tempted to do anything called work on his laptop.

He spent his one-month healing not only physically but also mentally. He interacted with other people in the town, made a couple of friends and also engaged in some traditional therapy.

Unfortunately, the vacation came to an end rather quickly and he had to return to Miami, back to reality.

Chris set his priority right and that included burying himself with work and attending baby classes. He took the class because he wanted to be the best Dad he could to his daughter. He showed up for all of Vivian's checkup for the rest of her pregnancy; they only met or communicated when their daughter was involved.

Vivian gave birth through cesarean section. Chris was present for the surgery and immediately the doctor placed his baby girl in his arms he called her Zoe Emma Smith.

He never discussed names with Vivian neither did he take into consideration the fact that She might have a name in mind to call their baby and of course she did not have the mind to object to the name Chris gave Zoe.

Never, ever had a day passed by that Christopher did not think about Naomi. He thought of going to California to reach out to her and try to win her back but the fear of rejection stopped him...


Christopher cursed softly as he went in search of his car keys. He lost track of time while working and now he was going to be late to pick up Zoe from the airport.

He finally found his car keys on the kitchen counter, he dashed into his bedroom to change into a presentable outfit and made his way out of his apartment.

Because he drove very fast, he was able to get to the airport on-time and after a few minutes of looking around, he finally sighted Vivian and their daughter Zoe.

A big smile made its way to Zoe's face as soon as she saw her Father. She ignored her mom's warning not to run so she won't fall and ran towards her dad who was already in a squatting position, ready to embrace her.

"I missed you, princess, " Chris said as soon as he embraced his daughter into a fatherly hug.

"I missed you too Daddy, " Zoe replied. She pulled away from the hug and kissed his cheek. Christopher smiled and kissed her forehead.

"Hi." He greeted Vivian formally.

"Hi." She replied with a nervous smile.

"I can tell you guys had a good trip." Chris directed to both Zoe and Vivian, especially to his daughter, Zoe.

Zowi nodded her head positively before connecting her tiny hands with her father's own.

"We did but I guess Zoe had more fun than I did, " Vivian replied.

"Thanks for coming to pick us up." She said sincerely, knowing he only did it for Zoe.

Christopher lifted Zoe in his arms while Vivian picked up She and Zoe's suitcases and they made their way to the car. Chris helped Zoe into her car seat and buckled her up while Vivian placed the suitcases in the t

topher asked concerned.

"I asked him about his Daddy but he did not say anything. He looked confused so I told him who a Daddy is and all the cool things my Dad and I do. Then he told me he does not have a Daddy, he only has a mummy."

Zoe's reply about Tyler not having a Daddy made Christopher suddenly feel uneasy with himself; his heart started aching for Tyler.

He sighed before talking to Zoe. "Princess you remember what I told you about the other kids who are not as privileged as you are, those who can't afford food and cool stuff because they don't have the money." He said as he tucked a small strand of hair behind her ear.

She nodded "Yes Daddy, You told not to be proud. You said I should be kind and share my things with everyone."

Christopher nodded. "Not everyone in this world has a mummy and a daddy Zoe. Some have mummy but don't have a daddy and some have a daddy but don't have a mummy."

"Why?" She asked innocently as tears welled up in her eyes.

"It can be due to many reasons princess so You are lucky to have a mummy and a daddy who love you so much." He replied hoping she wouldn't push any further because he couldn't begin to explain the concept of death or separation to a four-year-old.

"Since Tyler does not have a Daddy can you be his Daddy? Please?" She asked with pleading eyes, he could still see the tears in her eyes. He knew if he replied negatively the tears will fall instantly.

"It doesn't work that way princess." He said and her tears fell.

"It's not fair, Tyler is a good boy." She cried.

"It is okay princess." Chris tried to calm his daughter but the more he wiped her tears with his thumb, the more the tears fell.

"Please Daddy, I want you to be Tyler's Daddy too. He is a good boy, I promise." She cried.

A sad smile found its way to Christopher's lips as he made Zoe seat on his lap and calm her down. Sometimes he wonders how he got lucky to have a wonderful daughter like Zoe.

"It's okay Princess I'll think about it."

"You p.. Pro.. mise." She sniffed.

Chris replied, "I promise."

"Thank you, Daddy." She threw her tiny arms around his neck and hugged him."

Christopher knew he was in deep shit for promising Zoe about something he thinks he has no power over.

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