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   Chapter 26 Twenty six

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Four years Later.

"I missed you so much my twinkle man. Did you miss mummy too?" She asked in between as she showered his cute face with kisses.

"I missed mama too." He giggled.

Naomi placed a kiss on his forehead before pulling him into a motherly hug. She missed him terribly, She has never been away from him for this long.

Because of him, she hardly accepted international deals because it will require her to travel and in that situation she couldn't take her son along because it was just not possible.

There was a time she had to go to Spain for a flexible work. It was only then she took her son and his nanny along with her and that only happened because the people she went to work for in Spain agreed for her to bring him along. They wanted Naomi so bad for that project so they had no choice.

Naomi had to go to Italy to get a few things done and unfortunately her son couldn't go with her. He stayed back at his grandparents place. Naomi disturbed her parents with calls, wanting to talk to her son almost everytime. She was meant to spend seven days in Rome, Italy but she ended up spending five days.

"Grandma told me you attended a short summer camp, how was it?" She asked her little boy who was seated on her lap with his head rested on her chest.

Tyler removed his head from Naomi's chest and answered with a smile. "It was fun mama but I miss Zowi."

Naomi was beyond mad when she called her mom one day and her mom told her she has taken Tyler to a nearby summer camp. Her mom assured her it was a safe camp and Tyler was going to have fun there. It was a seven days fair but Tyler only got enrolled for the last four days.

Anna, Naomi's mother had to forward one of the tutors number to Naomi. Naomi called the number and she was able to speak to Tyler, he sounded really happy over the phone and that calmed her down.

"I'm glad you had fun honey. May I know who Zowi is?" She asked even though she had an idea of who Zowi was. She knew she would be one of the new friends he made at the camp."

"Zowi is my friend mama. She's Four years old and she is very pretty." Tyler said proudly and his mom nodded.

"So did you make other friends or was it only zowi?" She asked.

"I made many friends but I don't remember their names. I only remember Zowi." He replied and Naomi chuckled.

Naomi kissed his cheek and stood up with him, she made him balance on her hip and made her way to the kitchen barefoot.

"What do you want for dinner Ty?"

"Nothing mama, I'm okay."

Naomi placed him on the counter and pouted. "You have to eat something Ty, just tell me what you want and I will make it for you. I don't mind feeding you." She said hoping he will heed to her plea.

Eating is not Tyler's hobby and when he decides to eat, he either go for cereal or some other junk food. Naomi had to force him to eat most of the time and she did that by promising him one reward or the other if he finishes his food. But she couldn't still get him to eat his vegetables no matter how big the reward she promised.

Funny enough he ate well during this short camp. There was a time she called one of his tutors, wanting to speak to him and her reply was that he was having lunch with the other kids. She was shocked to know that because Tyler would always refuse lunch except it is pizza but he never misses his snack time.

She was informed he had a new friend who loves food more than anything so she use to make sure he finishes everything on his plate. Naomi had no doubt that the new friend was Zowi.

"Okay I will have cereal." He replied reluctantly, giving in to his mummy's puppy dog face.

Because of his love for cereal, Naomi made sure she stocked the house with healthy cereal.

"You can't have Cereal tonight Ty. Should I make s

l fast asleep and then she reached for her laptop to do some work for thirty minutes.

Tyler was still asleep when she finished her work so She guided the edges of the bed with pillows before stepping into the bathroom to do her morning ritual. She changed into a knee length shorts and tank top and then put her hair in a messy bun.

She reached for the laundry basket which had all her dirty clothes from her trip in it and made her way to the laundry room. She made a stop at Tyler's room to pick up his dirty clothes.

Naomi was able to do a lot of cleaning around the house before going back to her room to check up on Tyler. She found him seated in the middle of her bed rubbing his eyes with the back of his palm.

"Good morning Mama." He greeted Naomi as soon as he sighted her.

Naomi sat on the edge of the bed and Tyler crawled towards his mom to give her a hug. Naomi cuddled him like a new born and showered him with kisses.

"Did you sleep well?"She asked and he nodded positively.

"Any idea of the dreams you had?" She asked and watched him think for a while before he spoke.

"Good ones, no monsters. I think I had a beautiful dream." He smiled.

"Linda called yesterday while you were asleep."

Tyler's eyes lit up. "Aunt Linda?"

"Yes, she said she misses you so she will be coming later on today to visit you."

"I miss aunt Linda too. I will tell her about my new friend Zowi. Will uncle Luis come too?"

"I think so honey."

"You're growing up so fast Ty. You'll soon be four years old."

"I know mama." he giggled. "Uncle Luis said I'm almost a big boy."

"Don't mind Luis, you will forever be my baby boy."

"Will I have a party mama? Just like last time." He asked hopefully, looking at Naomi with his best puppy dog eyes.

She smiled, "Of course my love. We will start planning your party as soon as Linda gets here.

"Cool, I'm going to invite all my friends at school and Zowi too."

Naomi chuckled, "I don't know how we can contact Zowi honey."

"Miss Jenny wrote zowi's number on a paper; it's in my backpack mama." Tyler said.

Naomi was surprised at what her son said. She was able to come to a reasonable conclusion that the number Miss Jenny wrote for him must be Zowi's parents' number.

She could tell her son was very particular about this zowi. He has never been so passionate about any of his friends.

"Okay baby I'll check out the number in you backpack and invite Zowi to your party. Let's get you cleaned up so you can have your breakfast."

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