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   Chapter 25 Twenty Five

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 7030

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Weeks Later.

Collins speech stung Christopher like an injury. He hardly had any sleep that night as he kept on replaying the conversation in his head.

If only he had come clean about the whole situation to Naomi before her brother spilled the truth. If only he had adhered to his sister's suggestion of telling his parents about Naomi, maybe things would have turned out differently.

Christopher decided he was going to have a serious talk with Vivian. They had to end things and go their separate ways. At this point he was willing to give anything just to part ways with her.

Unfortunately, Christopher haven't had the time to talk to Vivian. He had been on a business trip for more than three weeks without making any contact with Vivian.

His only statement before he left was that he would be gone for almost a month and when he comes back he has something to discuss with her.

Christopher remembered Vivian's Doctor's appointment during his trip. Since he was not around, he contacted him mom to accompany her which of course she happily did.

Chris slept throughout the ride from the airport to his apartment. He was tired as hell, the past few weeks was filled with reviewing contracts, negotiating, holding meetings and having jetlag as a result of flying in and out of different countries with different timezones.

Christopher could not wait to crash on his bed and get some really good sleep.

"Sir, Sir, Mr Chris." The driver called, trying to wake him up. We are at your apartment Sir." He informed.

"Thank you Ernest!" He replied with a slightly deep voice before getting down from the car. Ernest already opened the door for him.

"Tell my father I arrived safely and I will see him in the next few days."

"I will deliver your message. Have a goodnight sir." Ernest said before making his way back to the drivers' seat.

One of Christopher's security guard assisted him in taking his Suitcases to his apartment. He swiped his card and entered his home.

The light in the livingroom was switched on so he knew Vivian was awake. Suddenly she appeared from the

love you but that was a selfish love, a love full of obsession and greed. If you love someone, that person's happiness should be your priority and that is what I failed to understand."

"I should have given up the moment you made it clear to me that you don't love me. I should have sacrificed being unhappy for your happiness if I truly loved you. Like the way you sacrificed your happiness by marrying me because of our daughter."

"You're a good man Christopher and I don't deserve you one bit. You deserve so much more and I hope you find the happiness you deserve."

Christopher's eyes were trained on Vivian as she talked and sobbed in between. He let her say all what she had to say without interrupting her.

When she seemed to have ended her speech, he rose to his feet, made his way to the coffee table and went through the divorce papers. Thankfully it was still somewhat past 9pm so he brought out his phone from his pocket and dialed his lawyer.

He talked to his lawyer for a while and read aloud some of the contents in the divorce papers to him. After a while, Chris ended the call, reached for the pen on the coffee table and tendered his signature where he's supposed to sign.

He yanked off the wedding ring on his left finger, placed it on the divorce papers and went straight to his room without looking back at Vivian who was crying her eyes out where she was seated.

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