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   Chapter 24 Twenty Four

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Days Later.

Tonight will be their first public appearance together as a couple. Christopher was invited to a birthday party of one of his business partners. He couldn't say no to the invitation and at the same time could not attend without taking Vivian along.

Christopher was seated in the livingroom, dressed up in his Armani suit and matching designer shoes, typing away on his phone while waiting for Vivian to come out of her room.

"I'm ready." Christopher heard a voice say behind him. He sighed in relief and muttered something Vivian couldn't quite catch.

"You should really keep to time Vivian, I'm sick of your tardiness." He shot her a glare and made his way out of the apartment not caring if she caught up with him or not.

Vivian kept him waiting for over thirty minutes because she wanted to look good for him and also make a good impression at the party. She knew she was going to meet some of her friends at the party who would want to know how she's coping with her supposedly happy married life.

Christopher was happy that the birthday celebration they've come to was a private event which excludes the presence of the press and media.

By the entrance of the Hall, Chris and Susan were welcomed by a female usher who was dressed formally.

"Good evening Mr and Mrs Smith." She greeted with a warm smile.

"Good evening." Vivian replied while Chris gave a nod.

The female usher took a glance at the notepad she was holding and turned her attention back to the Smiths. "Please come with me let me show you your table." She led the way and they followed.

The medium size hall was breathtaking, beautifully decorated and full of high-class People. Some of the guests were on their feet in different corners of the hall making conversation while others were seated on their tables, enjoying their food.

The usher stopped at one of the front table. "This will be your table for the night."

"Thanks." Christopher said to her. She nodded and excused herself.

The round table for four was empty. Hopefully, two people will join them as time went on.

Christopher reluctantly pulled out a chair for Vivian, She said a small 'Thank you' before taking her seat and Christopher took a seat beside her.

Almost immediately, four male waiters approached them. Three of them were holding different trays containing different glasses of wine.

"What would you like ma'am, Sir?" The person whom Chris assumed to be the head waiter asked.

Instead of replying him Chris asked Vivian "You okay with Lemonade?"

She replied "Yes."

Chris turned to the waiter "Red wine and lemonade."

The head waiter nodded and served them; he took a glass of Lemonade on one of the waiters tr

elings for, I'm not experienced when it comes to relationship matters, I had no idea of how to go about all I was facing and then I had this pressure from my parents to get married for the sake of the baby."

"I really don't know if it's my weakness for children and the thought that I don't want my child to feel less deprived of having it's parents together that made me give in to this marriage. But what sense does it make? Either ways my life is meaningless without Naomi."

"Your friends should have talked you out of it."

"Ruben did try to but I ignored."

"How I wished Debbie talked some sense into you. You listen to her more than you do to Ruben."

"You're talking as if you don't know Debbie. She's too nice to see fault in what anyone does. She's always out there looking for the good in people and the same goes for Andre."

"So what next? You are trapped into a loveless marriage, you are not happy and I'm sure my so called sister is not happy too."

"You're a genius man. You've come up with amazing solutions for your family business, You should have just applied one of those your genius ideas in dealing with Vivian."

"I understand your love for your child made you do all these but you will be doing more harm than good to him or her because there's no chemistry between you and Vivian. I'm sure you guys fight all the time already so what message do you want to pass to him or her."

"I will give you an advice as a brother, as a friend, as a business partner and as a relationship expert, You and Vivian need to seat down and have a long talk. The both of you don't belong together so you guys should quit. Bro, life is too short to live a life of mystery and sympathy. I totally understand Your own side of the story but you didn't handle things the way you should have."

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