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   Chapter 23 Twenty Three

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 11691

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Since it was a Sunday, Christopher did not see the need to wake up early like he does during weekdays. He tried to go back to sleep after using the bathroom at around past seven but unfortunately he could not.

Suddenly he felt like taking coffee but he had no zeal to get up from his bed. He wasn't looking forward to anything today and more importantly he was dreading to go out of his room because he did not want to face Vivian, his wife.

After twenty minutes of thinking about random things, Chris reluctantly got up from his bed with the intention of sneaking into the kitchen, making his coffee and returning to his room to relax.

On getting to the kitchen, his stomach growled due to the aroma of his favourite breakfast. He stopped for a moment to think if he was in the wrong apartment. There were only two people in his apartment, he and Vivian. The thought of her being in his kitchen, making breakfast was unbelievable. The last time he checked she didn't know how to cook and neither was she someone that likes being in the kitchen.

He quickened his pace to the kitchen at the thought of her burning down his apartment, he so much loved this apartment because wonderful memories were made in here and he wasn't ready to lose it for any reason.

He folded his arms, rested against the wall and watched Vivian flip pancakes, he still couldn't believe his eyes.

"What are you doing?" He asked unsure, a frown plastered on his forehead.

Vivian placed the pancake on a plate along with other pancakes and turned off the stove.

"Good morning." She smiled at Chris "I was just making breakfast and you came at the right time because it's all ready." She walked towards him, attempted to give him a kiss on his left cheek but he stopped her.

Vivian covered her disappointment with a sad smile before walking over to the coffee machine and poured some coffee into a mug. She added little maple syrup before handing it over to Chris.

Despite the fact that he was shocked by her kind gesture, he accepted the coffee and instantly brought it to his lips.

Vivian on the other hand stood before Chris, fiddled with her fingers and watched him taste the coffee. She wasn't someone that was into cooking or making coffee but that changed the moment she knew she was going to marry Chris. She started learning from the head chef in her parents mansion.

Vivian saw the approval on her husband's face which made her grin like crazy. He did not need voice it out for her to know he liked the coffee.

"How do you know how I like my coffee?" He asked surprised. He already prepared his mind to go over to the zinc and empty the cup of coffee but to his disappointment it tasted grest, exactly the way he liked his coffee.

"Your mom taught me how to make coffee the way you prefer it."

"My mom?" He asked in disbelief and Vivian nodded proudly.

"We never spent time totogether for me to know your taste and preferences so I spent a few days with your mom learning what you like and how to make them. I really want to be a good wife to you Christoph." She said the last part sincerely.

Christopher kind of ignored her and continued sipping his coffee. He knew she was trying hard to make him fall for her and he didn't want that to happen.

He joined Vivian on the breakfast table. She said a short prayer and then they dug in. Surprisingly the food was delicious.

"So what are we going to do today?" She asked, wanting to know if he had anything in mind.


d I thought she was just acting, you know pretending to feel dizzy when she actually wasn't." He whispered.

"You can't be so sure Chris, just be there for her always. The false alarm might be real you know."

"Besides, I had a chat with her for the first time yesterday."

"You did?" He asked in disbelief.

"Yeah. Your mom begged me to assist her in changing into her dress for the reception. One thing led to another and that led us being the only ones in the changing room and we talked."

"About what?" Chris asked interested.

"The two of you."

"I confronted her about drugging you to get herself pregnant in order to marry you and she didn't deny any of it. She loves you Christopher but one thing she failed to realize is that love cannot be forced and she did the wrong thing by forcing herself on you."

"From our discussion, I think she's lonely and wants love, affection and attention which she and her brother never got from their parents. She thought you were the one for her, she's obsessed with you and she thought if she didn't act fast, She might lose you."

Christopher raised his voice, "Well she won didn't she?"

"I told her the truth that you don't feel anything for her. She said she knows, she truly regrets what she did and hopes the baby brings you guys closer and maybe you will end up falling in love with her along the way."

Christopher sighed, "She's the reason I'm not with Naomi. Shouldn't that give me additional reason to dislike her the more?"

"I told her it's not possible but she said she will keep on fighting for your love. Please take it easy on the poor girl hun. Also bring her along when next you come over to my place."

"No way." He replied immediately.

"She's the mother of your baby and just so you know She's now part of the family."

"Then I won't come to your house again." He replied and Debbie laughed out loud. She knew Chris said that so he will avoid bringing Vivian with him.

"Then Ruben, Sophie and I will come over to your place instead."

"Debbie!!!' He groaned.

"That reminds me, I kind of told Sophie that you're going to be a father soon. She's pretty excited about it, She kept on jumping up and down that she will have someone to play with."

"She's so sweet." Chris smiled.

"I know, She's also hoping it would be a girl."

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