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   Chapter 22 Twenty Two

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 13899

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The reception was an indoor reception, beautifully decorated and press free. It was sort of a private reception with only famimy members, business partners and close friends.

Food and drinks were served, Toasts were made, the couple had cut the cake already and speeches were made by close friends of Chris and Vivian.

Andre and Ruben gave small talks about Christopher while Vivian had about six friends who made speeches.

Right after the final toast was made to the couple, Chris set his eyes on someone familiar. It was Luis, Naomi's brother. He did not remember seeing him in church so he assumed he only came for the reception.

Luis eventually sighted Chris, shot him a glare which was followed by a look of disgust.

He was aware Vivian invited him to the wedding but he wasn't sure If Luis was going to show up because of what he had put his sister through.

Asides that, he has been trying to talk to Luis in camera but Luis has been stylishly avoiding him. Christopher knew there was a probability he would be leaving the reception soon which was why he wanted to talk to him badly. At least to ask about Naomi. He was dying to know how she was doing.

From afar, Chris saw Luis greet his parents after which he brought out his phone from his pocket and walked towards the garden.

Christopher walked as fast as his leg could carry him to catch up with Luis. He gave Luis space to receive his call after which he walked closer to him.

"What??? Are you stalking me now?" Luis demanded.

"I... I'm not stalking you, please just listen to me." He pleaded.

"I don't have time for that Chris, if you know how much I detest you, you would not even dream of coming near me."

"How's Naomi?" He blurted out.

Luis folded his arms and looked at the man who was his age mate with disbelief in his eyes. He couldn't believe he had the nerve to ask for Naomi after what he had put his sister through.

"You have to be kidding me!" He chuckled.

"Look Luis I know I fucked up but I'm also suffering here. Do you know how hard it was for me to move on these past days without hearing from Naomi? I tried calling her cell, I sent her countless voicemail but she wouldn't even return any of them. I'm really worried about your sister Luis. How is she doing?"

"Stay out of my family's business."

Chris sighed and tucked his hands in his pocket.

"Why are you even here? I didn't think you would come after everything."

"I think it's non of your business why I'm here."

Truthfully, Luis came to Miami to close a deal. He's been here for two days now. He had no intention of attending the wedding but he met Vivian's father who persuaded him to come. He couldn't refuse the old man's plea because he was like a mentor to him in the business world.

"I only agreed to marry Vivian because of my child but I still love Naomi and I'll never stop loving her."

"I don't believe you a bit Christopher. Stay away from Naomi and also stay away from me throughout this reception. If you keep stalking me I promise I'll tell Vivian and your parents about what you did to my sister." He warned before placing his hands in his pocket and walked back into the venue as if he did not just have an argument with the groom.

As soon as Luis left his sight, Chris made his way to a nearby bench. He sat on it and buried his face in his hands.

He felt someone take a seat beside him and place a hand on his shoulder, giving it a squeeze of assurance.

"It will be fine Chris." She whispered softly.

Christopher raised his head and looked at her with teary eyes. "I think Luis is hiding something from me and that is making me more worried." He said with a broken voice.

Susan sighed then intertwined her hands with her brother's own. She was sad because her brother was unhappy. She was not used to seeing him like this. Chris was always a happy guy even when he was a playboy but things were no longer the same for him since the day Naomi left him in bed.

"I pray I don't regret this decision I made." He said with a teary voice.

"You're doing this for your child, sacrificing your happiness for him or her just so he will

dding because she was busy chatting away with friends and well wishers.

He didn't want to but he did it for the sake of his child, he made an extra sandwich, got a glass cup and poured some orange juice in it, placed it on a tray and took it to Vivian's room.

He rested the portable tray on his left hand and raised his fist to knock on the door with the other hand.

"Come in." He heard Vivian say from inside.

Chris found Vivian comfortably seated on her bed, She was already in her nightdress and her laptop was directly in front of her. He couldn't tell if she was working or paused a film she was watching.

"I assumed you might be hungry so I brought you this."

Vivian's heart melted, even though she knew he did that only because of the baby, she was happy he still cared.

She placed her laptop by her side and collected the tray from Chris, careful not to let the juice spill. She placed the tray in front of her where her laptop previously was and thanked Chris.

"Thank you!" She said sincerely and he nodded.

He took a seat on a couch that was right beside her bed and watch her eat.

"How have you been since the Doctors' appointment?"

"Fine, I try to follow the meal plan she gave me but the only thing I noticed after the checkup is that I get tired easily." Christopher listened to her intently as she ate and nodded at her reply.

"So when is the next checkup?"

"26, That's two weeks from now." She replied before raising her glass of juice to her lips.

"Are you planning on going to work on Monday?" He asked.

"No. I'm on leave even though we are not going for a honeymoon. So I might just work from home since I won't be going to the office."

Chris cringed internally at the sound of her calling his house her home. He tried not to feel guilty with the fact that she was on a honeymoon leave and because of him they cannot go for one. But honeymoon was for lovers right? And they weren't one so he didn't see the need for them to have one.

Vivian finished her food in no time, She reached for her vitamins on her bedside, took one tablet and gulped it down with a bottled water.

Chris frowned at Vivian; She took the vitamins as if it was a normal thing.

"Why are you giving me that look?" Vivian asked as she covered the bottle, there was still small water left in it so she placed it on the nightstand.

"You took the vitamins as if it was something sweet. Doesn't it taste weird?"

Vivian tried not to make him feel embarrassed by laughing at him. She knew he was never a fan of medicine and hospitals.

"I honestly don't focus on how they taste. I just take the prescribed tablet and flush it with water." She replied him.

"Thank you for the sandwich." She said sincerely with a genuine smile.

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