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   Chapter 21 Twenty One

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 13154

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Christopher decided he was going to be working from home today. He attended to all his conference calls in his home office and occupied himself reviewing the contracts his lawyer sent him for final verification. He hardly stood up from his desk except he wanted to use the bathroom or refill his cup with coffee.

He had no appetite to take something in and drwoning himself with work was the only thing he could do to get his mind off Naomi or the thought that by this time tomorrow he will be married to Vivian and bound to her for the rest of his life.

Christopher was someone who doesn't believe in fairlytail but this was definitely not how he had imagined his life to turn out to be.

When it was almost lunch time, he took an hour nap and continued working. When it was a little over 6pm, he left his office for his bedroom to go freshen up.

Christopher was in the kitchen looking for something to eat when he heard the sound of the door bell. He was surprised because he wasn't expecting anyone but he went to open the door anyways.


Christopher stood still in shock as he took in the people that were standing in front of his apartment.

It was Susan, Ruben, Debbie, Andre and Sophie who was seating on Andre's neck. Ruben was holding Six boxes of Pizza while Debbie and Susan were holding baskets and plastic bags and by the look of it they contained perishable items.

"Are you just going to keep staring at us? Won't you usher us in?" Andre teased, Sophie who was seating on his neck started whining for him to put her down so he did.

Sophie ran towards Chris and hugged his legs tightly.

"I miss you uncle Chris."

Chris smiled and lifted her in his arms, "I miss you too cupcake." He kissed her cheeks.

"I was not expecting you guys." He said to his visitors as he opened the door wider for them to come in.

"You wouldn't subscribe for us to plan a bachelor's party so we brought the party to your house instead." Debbie said. She kissed his cheek before walking into his apartment.

Chris kissed Susan on her cheeks and gave Ruben and Andre a brotherly hug.

"Uncle Chris do you have cookies?" Sophie, who was still in his arms whispered in his ear. To the little girl, it was a whisper but everyone could hear what she said.

"Sophie you've taken a lot of Chocolates today, so no cookies until tomorrow."

Sophie looked at her mom with a frown and folded her arms.

Her mom glared at her but she ignored and turned her attention to Christopher. "Please Uncle Chris, Can I have a cookie?" She looked at him with a cute puppy dog face.

"Please don't fall for that Christoph, She can be very manipulative."

"Please just let her have one Debbie." Chris pleaded, he doesn't like it when he's in this type of situation.

"No." Debbie said firmly then made her way to the kitchen to dish the food they brought.

Chris sighed and looked at Sophie who was in his arms. "I will beg mummy to let you have a cookie alright?"

He said and she nodded.

He placed Sophie on her feet and went to the kitchen to see what the ladies were doing.

Debbie was standing by the counter, bringing out the food from the basket and plastic bags. Susan on the other hand was trying to get plates from the rack.

"Hmm, What do we have here?"

"Varieties; Spaghetti, Cheese burger, Pepperoni pizza, grilled chicken and drinks." Susan said as she placed the plates to the counter.

"So what have you been up to? Have you decided on the suit you are going to wear?" Debbie asked.

"Nothing much Debbie, I've been pretty busy with work. And no I haven't picked out the suit I'll wear tomorrow. That is an easy task, I'll probably wear the first one I lay my eyes on. Hopefully I'll do that before I go to bed."

"Are you kidding me? You are getting married in less than 10 hours!" Debbie said furiously. Christopher shrugged, to him it was no big deal, getting a suit from his c

ghter's hands in his. Vivian smiled at Christopher but got no response from him.

Everything went by a blur for Christopher, his body was present but his mind was somewhere else. They took the vows, exchanged the rings and had their first kiss.

Christopher reluctantly initiated the kiss, it was a quick one, a quick kiss on her plum lips. He saw the hurt in her eyes but he couldn't care less.

The priest pronounced them as husband and wife, they walked out of the church, took pictures with family and friends and they were congratulated by all.

Christopher didn't like the idea of riding in the same car with Vivian to the reception but he had no choice. In as much as he would prefare to ride with friends, he had to go in the same car with his wife. He cringed internally at the thought of that title. Vivian was his wife and now he was her husband.

"We'll meet you at the reception." Ruben said with his hands in his pocket.

"Sure, I hope I survive the ride though." he replied, playing with Sophie who was in Debbie's arms.

"Debbie chuckled, "You'll survive sweetheart. You have to start getting used to her and now that she is your wife, you will have to start bringing her to our little gatherings."

Chris looked at Debbie with a frown on his face. "You've got to be kidding me."

"Oh, so you won't bring her along whenever you come visit us?" Andre, the best man chipped in.

"No." He replied immediately. "I'm sure she has her own people she hangs out with. I'm only sane whenever I'm with you guys and having Vivian there will not be a good idea."

"Alright guys, see you all later." Chris kissed Sophie's cheeks and made his way to the limousine that was waiting on him. Vivian was already in so he slid in beside her.

"That little girl is so lucky. She gets kisses that you don't shower me with." Vivian said with a sad smile.

Christopher shook his head in disbelief and ignored her instead.

But Vivian was determined to make things work between them so she tried to keep the conversation going.

"Do you like my wedding dress? I actually came up with the design and my designers helped me bring it to life. I wanted to look good for you honey, I wanted to make you proud."

Seeing she wouldn't stop disturbing him, he replied without looking at her. "The dress is okay."

She was about to say something else when Christopher raised up his hand to stop her. "Please just drop the conversation. I don't feel like talking!!!" His voice came out harsh with finalty.

Vivian swallowed painfully, she tried to keep her tears at bay and focused on enjoying the silent ride.

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