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   Chapter 20 Twenty

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 5203

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Christopher literally rushed out of the shower to answer his phone. He was half naked; He only had his towel tied below his torso.

"This phone call should better be important woman. I literally ran out of the bathroom to answer your call since you were calling non-stop."

Susan giggled on the other side. "Sorry Bro, I just wanted to know how the check-up went."

"Well at first I was angry when I got to the hospital."

"Why?" Susan asked surprised.

"Vivian told me the appointment was for nine when it was for Eleven."

Susan chuckled before she replied. "That is so Vivian."

"I was really mad at her. I had to shift some of my meetings only for me to get there and spend two hours waiting."

"But I guess it was all worth it right?" She asked.

"It definitely was!" Chris replied and Susan could picture her brother smiling in the process.

"He or she is still tiny but I love it already. We heard the heartbeat and it was the most amazing sound I've ever heard. I'm so happy the baby is healthy."

"Wow, you sound so in love with the way you speak about this little bean. I can't wait to meet him or her too. Your baby will get gifts from me everyday."

Chris chuckled, "You are allowed to spoil my child but not too much okay?"

Susan laughed out loud "I swear you're behaving like Dad right now."

"Am I?" Chris frowned.

"Yes you're bro! Your fatherly instincts are already kicking in."

"Well maybe, but I'm going to be a cool dad. Someone much more different than our Dad and my child's happiness will always come fi

you are. I didn't go shopping too so I'll just search my closet for a dress to wear."

"I thought Vivian asked you to be her bridesmaid?" He asked surprised.

"Yes she did but I sort of quit because she was becoming too demanding. It's her wedding so she wanted everything to be done in her own way. Besides you know I never really get along with her."

"Wow, okay then, we'll talk tomorrow right?"

"Sure bro, goodnight"

"Night Muffin." He said and then ended the call.

Christopher made his way to his closet and reached for his usual sweatpants and shirt.

He made himself comfortable on his bed, he decided to do some work so he reached for his laptop on his nightstand.

Halfway through, he began thinking about Naomi. He took his cellphone that was beside him and dialed her number. He knew the number wasn't going to be reachable but he dialed it anyways and it went straight to voicemail.

Chris knew he left her broken and he will never forgive himself for that but still He wanted to know how she was doing.

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