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   Chapter 19 Nineteen

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 13723

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Christopher was happy when he walked out of his building and saw that the extrance was press free. Perhaps they have given up him which was perfect.

He placed his briefcase in the backseat before settling into the driver's seat and drove towards his family hospital. Vivian made all her appointments in Trinity General Hospital when she discovered she was pregnant with the heir the Smith's empire as it made sense to give birth to him or her in the same hospital Christopher was born.

Even though Christopher was scared of hospitals, he had a different feeling about this visit and he unexpectedly found himself excited about hearing from the doctor on how his baby was doing. He made up his mind to be there for him or her. The poor little thing should not be held responsible for his or her mother's actions.

He walked into the hospital and approached a nurse who was at the receptionist area.

"Good morning!" He greeted politely.

"Good morning." The nurse replied looking up from her computer, her smile widened as soon as she took in who was standing in front of her. The most handsome bachelor in the state. Well he was going to be married pretty soon so the bachelor title was almost gone.

"How can I help you sir?" She asked politely.

"I'm to accompany someone for a check up. Please can you confirm if there is any appointment for Vivian Matthews?"

"Okay." She replied and typed a couple of things on her computer.

"Yes, she has an appointment with Doctor Williams on the third floor but the appointment is at eleven.You can go wait in the reception over there if you want." She offered.

Christopher ran his fingers through his hair before heaving a sigh. Vivian told him the appointment was for 9:30. It was just 9:23 what the hell will he do till 11am?

"Thank you!" He said to the nurse. Before he could turn around he heard her say "Congratulations in advance on your wedding!"

Chris stood still, he was definitely not expecting her to say what she said and he wasn't sure how to react. He finally turned to the nurse with a sad smile on his face and replied her with a nod before making his way to the elevator. 'If only She knew what he was going through, She won't be congratulating him.'

Chris stepped out of the elevator when it reached the third floor, he proceeded to the waiting area and took a seat on a deep blue couch. He reached for his phone in his pocket and dialed Vivian but she did not pick up his call.

He tried calling her again and again but he got no answer. He should have known better, Vivian was never on time to events or appointments. But what annoyed him more was the fact that she wasn't truthful about the exact time for the appointment.

Chris did a few breathing exercise to calm his temper and began to work on his phone by going through some pending emails and replying them. He was so engrossed in what he was doing that he failed to notice how time flew.

He did not even notice when Vivian walked out of the elevator and took a seat beside him. It was when she placed her left arm over his right arm that he noticed her presence.

As soon as her arm came in contact with his, he quickly released himself from her touch, he turned to her and gave her a spiteful glare.

"Really Vivian? The appointment was set for 11 and you told me it was set for 9 in the morning!" He said trying to control his anger because there were four other people in the waiting area and he didn't want to create unnecessary attention.

"I wasn't sure you were going to show up that was why I told you it was a 9am appointment." She justified and he shook his head in disbelief.

"Don't blame me okay! If you had been civil with me before now all you these would not have happened."

"Don't tell me that crap Vivian because you are responsible for everything we are both going through."

"I replied your text that I was going to be here. I even called you and you did not pick up your calls. I had to cancel two meetings to be here this morning woman!"

She shrugged without a care in the world "I'm sure your clients will understand.

way to her car.

She led the way to her white Lambogini, made her way to the driver's seat while Chris settled in the front passenger's seat.

Vivian placed the plastic bag in her passenger seat, she removed three ultrasound pictures and placed them on the backseat and then she handed Chris the envelope. The remaining four copies was meant for him.

Christopher accepted the envelope and gave her a questioning look, he was sure as hell that this could not be the only reason she requested to talk to him in her car.

"I'm sorry." She whispered.

Christopher's eyes went wide, he thought he heard wrong at first. The Vivian he knew was a proud fellow who would never apologize even though she was the one at fault.

"You're sorry?" He mocked and she nodded slowly.

For the first time since they entered her car she raised her head to look at him and said those words again.

"I'm sorry."

Christopher chuckled, "Sorry for what exactly?"

"Sorry for trapping me with our child or sorry for insisting we get married because you wouldn't want the baby to be born out of wedlock?"

"I'm sorry for everything." She said. For once Christopher thought he saw something like sincerity in her eyes. He couldn't believe she was trying to be the good one and now make him feel like the bad guy here.

"I don't understand, what is making you say all of these?" He asked, his eyes not leaving her face. Her eyes became teary, she swallowed painfully and then spoke.

"I guess seeing our baby and hearing its heartbeat made me realize how selfish I've been." A tear rolled down her cheeks, she reached for a tissue in a box that was beside her and gently wiped the tears, careful enough not to ruin her makeup.

"I like you very much Chris and I want you to like me too. Please just give me a chance, I need you and our baby needs you too." She sniffed.

"That will be hard Vivian because I'm sure you know I don't feel anything for you. I'm in love with someone else but she broke it off with me when she found out about you and the baby. Honestly Vivian I don't think we both can work when it comes to having a relationship, I just want us to be good parents to our child. He or she is the only reason I'm agreeing to this marriage because after all that had happened between Naomi and I, I think its this baby that is keeping me sane."

"I'll try to fulfill my duties as your husband but please do not expect much for me. I'm just a call away if you need anything and if not see you at the alter."

Christopher did not give her the chance to even reply as he made his way out of her car.

The tears Vivian was holding flowed freely, she sobbed like a baby. She cried and cried until there was no more tears left.

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