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   Chapter 18 Eighteen

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 7654

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Naomi fiddled with the silver necklace she was putting on; hoping to get some comfort from it. She knew what she was going to hear in few minutes time was not what she wanted to hear and neither was she prepared for it.

Naomi has not been feeling well; she now lacks appetite, her favourite foods are like her worst enemy. It was just yesterday she realized she was late for her monthly period.

And that was when it hit her really hard that she might be pregnant. But on the other hand she was praying for it to be a bug or any other temporary infection but not a baby because she was not ready to be a mother.

She hardly slept last night because of the unending thoughts that was going through her head. She wondered what went wrong because she was on pill.

As early as 9 in the morning, Naomi left her home for her family hospital. Fortunately, Doctor Marie was able to attend to her as soon as she got there. She told Doctor Marie the reason she was here which is to confirm if she's pregnant or not.

Doctor Marie who was like an elder Sister to Naomi asked some personal questions about her sex life and other neccesary things. Naomi replied as truthfully as she could and then Marie ushered her to the Laboratory room where her blood and Urine sample was taken.

Now, Naomi was waiting for the test results in Doctor Marie's office. Even when she knew that the probability the test result will turn positive was high, she was kind of hoping a miracle will happen that will make everything negative.

She could have taken a pregnancy test at home but she didn't trust those sticks either. She prefares to hear the news from a Doctor so she will know what next to do.

Naomi heaved a sigh and then buried her face in her hands. She trusted her birth control pills so much that she didn't care to make sure Chris wore a condom before making love to her.

He had this effect on her that she seems to forget everything else whenever he was beside her. During the times they've been together, she had always wanted him so bad that she forgot the condom part of the story.

Tears welled up in her eyes at the probability of being a single mother. 'Where the hell will she get the strength from?' She knows nothing about babies. Just when she was at the verge of building he

g the influentual person introduced her to a publishing company, they loved the first draft of one of her stories and offered her a publishing deal.

She did not regret employing Victoria. Some of the ideas behind her fashion empire are Victoria's ideas and she often serve as a creative director in some of Naomi's photo shoot.

Naomi entered her apartment and crashed on her sofa. She reached for a blanket beside the sofa and wrapped it around herself. She closed her eyes and made conversations in her head.

The first question she asked herself was if she was ready to become a mother. Obviously she wasn't ready but what was she going to do?

She has modelling contracts with few companies and being pregnant will not allow her to fulfill her own side of the obligation which can lead to a breach of her contract with them.

What will her family say about the pregnancy? Her parents will be disappointed in her. For sure her mother wanted her to mingle but getting pregnant out of wedlock would break her heart. She dare not imagine what her father and brother's reaction would be like. She has always been her father's favourite. Will her father treat her the same after hearing she's pregnant?

She has so many projects to execute this year and she wasn't sure If being pregnant will give her the opportunity to do so.

Should she reach out to Chris that she's pregnant? Even though he has a right to know it still wouldn't make any sense because he was going to be married in less than forty eight hours.

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