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   Chapter 17 Seventeen

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 9418

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After three days of being on bedrest, Christopher finally stepped out of his apartment. To Chris, it wasn't really a bedrest because he drowned himself with work since it was the only thing that could keep his mind off Naomi. He sent her text messages which did not deliver and when he finally had the nerve to call her, it went straight to voicemail.

Susan, his younger sister have been the one taking care of him. The bumps on his face had gone down, the bruises had faded but not completely and his jaw pains finally went away today.

Christopher has not seen Vivian since he came back from California, neither has he picked up her calls or replied any of her text messages, he just read and ignored them. The more he thought about his painful breakup with Naomi, the more his hatred for Vivian developed.

Since it was chily outside, Christopher settled for a dark long sleeve shirt with matching pants.

He was expecting to be bombarded by the press as soon as he walked out of his building but to his disappointment the place was press free. Perhaps they didn't think he would be going out tonight. They've toiled around his building for days, hoping they will get to see him and get information about his upcoming wedding. Vivian made the public announcement and have been ranting nonstop about the wedding on her social media pages. People were starting to suspect the wedding was forced and arranged because of Christopher's silence but he couldn't care less about what they think.

Chris got into his white lambogini and drove straight to Ruben's house. Ruben invited him for dinner with his family and Andre will be there too.

Christopher pulled up in Ruben's driveway, he got down from his car and made his way to the entrance.

He pressed the doorbell and waited for someone to come open up.

"Hey man, we were already thinking you wouldn't show up." Ruben teased before pulling Chris in for a brotherly hug.

"Well I'm here now and I hope dinner is ready because I'm starving." He chuckled as he returned the hug.

Ruben pulled away from the hug, ushered Chris into his home and then locked the door behind him.

Christopher knew his way around Ruben's house so he went straight to the living room.

Ruben's house was a medium size modern family home. It had three bedroom upstairs, a guest room, laundry room, kitchen, Livingroom and an office downstairs.

"Uncle Christo." Chris heard the voice of his favourite little human in the world. Sophie ran to him and hugged his legs tightly. He chuckled before picking her up and showering her face with kisses which caused her to giggle loudly.

"I missed you uncle Christo." She pouted.

"I missed you too cupcake."

"What happened to your face?" The little girl asked concerned as she caressed his forehead with her right thumb.

the pity guys. I left my house to come have fun so please let's forget my arranged marriage for a while. Hopefully I will come up with something before Saturday."

"So we shouldn't throw you a bachelor party?" Debbie teased, trying to light up the mood.

"Nah, I don't want one." He replied with a frown.

Debbie excused herself to go set up the dining table and when she was done, She called the boys into the dining room. They settled down, Debbie said a short prayer and they dug in.

"Are you sure you're okay with feeding her? You have not even touched your food." Debbie asked Chris.

He smiled at her "It's fine."

Sophie insisted she wanted to seat beside Christopher. He did the honours of feeding her and cutting her meat into tiny pieces so it would be easy for her to chew. He filled her sippy cup with an orange juice and passed her the cup.

Sophie told him 'Thank you.', accepted the cup and gulp down the juice.

"You're going to be an amazing dad." Debbie praised.

Chris chuckled. "I hope so."

"I'm still trying to process the thought of me being a Father. In few months time, a little human will begin to look up to me for everything. It's pretty crazy."

"Yes it is but you will do just fine." She assured.

"Vivian invited me to her doctor's appointment tomorrow." Chris said before raising his glass of wine to his lips.

"I assume you will be there." Ruben said.

"Sure, It's Vivian I have issues with. I'll always be there for the baby."

"Do you want it to be a girl or a boy?" Andre asked.

"That's a good question. Honestly I haven't really thought about it but I guess I'm okay with any gender. I just want to raise my child to be a better person than his parents. If it's a boy I'll teach him how to respect women and never be a playboy like me and also I don't want my child to have Vivian's manipulative behaviour."

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