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   Chapter 16 Sixteen

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 4344

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Christopher disguised himself well before boarding the plane. He wouldn't have to if he had taken his private jet. He was going back Home, a place where he was popular. He knew there would be news everywhere about the so-called wedding and Seeing his face in such a bad state will only give room for more rumours.

Christopher's sister, Susan Smith got to the airport on time to pick him up and she did the honour of taking him to his apartment.

She made him stay in bed after which she dashed into the kitchen to prepare something for him to eat. Susan was able to gather ingredients for spaghetti and sauce and then she began to make dinner for her brother.

When the food was ready, she dished a little bit in a plate for Chris, grabbed a bottle of water and took it to his room.

Christopher groaned as soon as Susan walked in With the tray of food. She placed the tray on the night stand and sat on the bed beside him.

Susan is five years younger than Chris. She's petite and has a golden brown hair which she inherited from her mother. Susan has always been the family's favourite and she is very close to her brother. She just graduated from college few months ago and is currently working in the accounting department of her parent's company which Chris was now in control of.


in Love Chris and so do I believe in destiny. If you and Naomi are destined to be together you guys will and no one will stop it not even Vivian or the baby she's carrying."

"I'll dwell in your speech." He gave her a sad smile.

"But I'm still angry at her brother for doing this to your face."

"And don't you dare defend him." She raised her voice as soon as she saw him opening his mouth, wanting to say something. Shocked would be an understatement to describe the look on Susan's face as soon as saw the bumps and bandages on Christopher's face. He had explained to her all that had happened on their way from the airport.

"Still he should have approached things another way and not by violence." She reasoned.

"I guess he's hot tempered. Besides I can't blame him, if someone does the same to you I would have done worse than what is on my face."

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