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   Chapter 14 Fourteen

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 9280

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As soon as those words left Luis's mouth, Naomi went pale. She didn't want to believe what her brother just said about Ryan.

With a shocked expression, she looked at her brother who was standing opposite her, his eyes was red and she could see his chest rising and falling, showing how angry he was.

Reluctantly She turned to Ryan and Pleaded in a teary voice. "Please tell me it's not true."

Ryan had tears in his eyes already, he swallowed painfully before answering. "Please let me explain Naomi."

"Nononnonno." She screamed as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"You bastard, I hate you. I fucking hate you." She cried and began to hit his chest.

She said as more tears rolled down her cheeks. "I trusted you. But everything was just a lie. You lied to me. You were just using me for sex you traitor."

A tear finally rolled down Ryan's cheek. He didn't stop Naomi from hitting him because he knew he deserved it all. "I may have lied to you about every other thing Naomi but what I feel for you is real."

"Just shut the fuck up." She said with gritted teeth.

Naomi felt betrayed, she felt used, manipulated and she blamed herself for being so foolish.

"When did you find out?" She asked her brother.

"Yesterday. Vivian sent me an invitation for the wedding. Even though I was happy for her I was kind of mad at Christopher for not telling me he was getting married. We are all business partners but I'm closer to Vivian than this bastard here." (He pointed to Ryan who was seated on the floor. He had removed his T-shirt, using it to stop the flow of blood from his nose)

"I called Vivian to congratulate her and that was when she told me she was pregnant."

"Fortunately, before I went to bed yesterday I was going through my twitter account and someone tagged me in a photo. A photo of you and Christopher getting cozy at the airport, you guys were looking like lovers when his pregnant fiancee is clearly waiting for him to come back so they will get married."

"I had wanted to come yesterday night but Linda persuaded me not to. I ended up agreeing with her because it was late which is why I'm here early this morning. Sorry if I acted like an idiot banging and pressing the doorbell."

Luis turned to Ryan and said, "You're such a disgrace. Our business deal is over, I refuse to work with you anymore. How can you even do this to my sister and to vivian? I honestly feel like killing you right now."

Ryan totally ignored Luis. He believed he owed no one any explanation except Naomi. The way she was crying made him uncomfortable, he felt really bad for making her feel this way.

Ryan turned to Vivian who already made her way to the couch. Her face was buried in her hands, obviously crying her eyes out. He crouched before her,

you forgive me and please take care of yourself." He said after which he stood up, took a glace at Luis who had his back against him with his hands in his pocket. He also looked at Linda who had tears in her eyes, she managed to give him a sad smile. He nodded in return before walking out of Naomi's apartment, gently closing the door behind him.

Christopher had nowhere to go. He wasn't used to this city and he knew nobody other than Naomi. He took one more look at Naomi's apartment, heaved a sigh and started walking down the street.

It was a Sunday and barely 7am. The street was pretty empty except for few cars parked in front of certain houses.

Christopher walked absentmindedly until he approached a park. It was the same park he and Naomi visited the previous day. It was a twenty minutes walk away from her apartment. It was when he found himself close to the park that he realized how far he had walked.

Chris made his way to a bench, buried his face in his hands and sobbed.

He cried like a baby, he cried and cried till he had no more tears to shed. This was the first time he ever felt anything for anyone and no doubt Naomi hates him more than anything in the world.

He hated how unfair life has treated him and most of all he hated himself. He hated himself for getting involved with Vivian even though it wasn't intentional, he hated himself for making Naomi sad. He vividly remember the hurt and disappointment in her eyes when her brother told her everything, He felt guilty as hell for breaking Naomi's trust in him. There was no way she was going to believe the explanation he gave. He felt his world was over when she accused him of using her for sex. But he couldn't blame her for coming up with such a conclusion. Naomi was just recovering from a breakup and she never deserved all what he brought upon her.

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