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   Chapter 12 Twelve

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 9722

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Naomi had the best sleep she has ever had in a while. With Ryan's hand around her waist, she felt like she belonged to him, She felt like home.

Naomi slowly opened her eyes, she panicked as soon as she noticed she was the only one on the bed; Ryan was no where to be found beside her.

She felt at ease as soon as she sighted a note with a rose on top, placed on her nightstand. She wrapped the white blanket around her naked body and reached for the note and rose.

"You looked so peaceful while sleeping and I couldn't bring myself to wake you up. I'm in the kitchen making breakfast, Freshen up and come quickly. I can't wait for you to taste my pancakes." Naomi smiled as she read the note.

She brought the rose to her nose and inhaled it. She smiled as she wondered where he got the single red rose. She chuckled at the thought of him sneaking into her neighbour's garden to pluck one of Mrs Jones's rose.

Naomi stood up from the bed and made her way to the bathroom to go freshen up. She could feel her legs tingle as she walked, it was as if she could still feel Ryan in her. She was a little bit sore but in a good way. They found it so hard to keep their hands off each other and as a result of that they ended up going for two more rounds before daybreak.

Naomi took a quick shower, dried herself and changed into a short and tank top. She pulled her hair into a messy bun, arranged the bed before walking out of her room.

She found Ryan in the dining room; shirtless, setting up the table. She took slow steps towards him and wrapped her arms around his torso. Ryan smiled as soon as her body made contact with his. He turned to face her, wrapped his arms around her waist and gave her a passionate kiss.

"Good morning my love." He said between kisses.

"Good morning." She replied.

"I hope you slept well?" He asked and she nodded. Even though she was still feeling a bit tired, she was more excited about spending the day with him.

"They look so yummy." Naomi pointed to the food on the dining table. There was pancakes, bread, eggs, bacon, sausages and orange juice.

"Yes they are." Ryan grinned. "Specially made for you."

He took a seat and made her seat on his lap. They both fed each other and made conversations in between.

"I can't believe I ate that much." Naomi exclaimed as she wiped her hands with a napkin. She and Ryan just finished doing the dishes.

"I guess breakfast was so delicious that's why." Ryan winked at her before taking a seat on the sofa.

"Maybe. Thanks for the food, I enjoyed it." She gave him a quick kiss on his lips and took a seat beside him."

"Anything for you my love." He kissed her cheek in return.

"But seriously Ryan have I added weight?" She looked at him with pleading eyes, begging him to say the truth.

"No you haven't."

"Are you sure? Or you're just trying to make me feel better. Did you notice anything

toothy grin.

Ryan smiled at the little girl, he squatted and caressed her chubby cheeks which made her giggle.

"I see you're good with kids." The lady smiled. "I'm Jessica by the way." She extended her free hand.

"Ryan." He shook her hand. "I'm pleased to have been of help. I spoke to Joshua and I made him realize his younger sister looks up to him so he should always protect her and not make her cry."

Jessica chuckled, "Joshua has always been the jealous one. He wanted a baby boy but I gave birth to Gracie which makes him mad at times. He wanted a boy to play with and he often transfer the anger on Julia."

"But thanks for your help, I'm grateful." She said to Ryan who nodded in reply and then she took her leave.

Naomi took close steps to Ryan, intertwined her right hand with his left one and then gave him a kiss on his cheek.

"I'm so proud of you babe." She smiled. "You were so natural with them. I have no doubt you will be an amazing father one day." She said with so much confidence.

Ryan stopped in his tracks, looked at her and said, "I hope so."

Naomi could feel some sort of sadness in his voice so she asked him as they walked towards her car.

"Or you don't plan on having kids?"

"I do want to have kids, about four of them and it would be magical if I have them with you." He said to her which made her blush like crazy. He chuckled when he noticed she was trying to hide her blush.

"Or don't you wanna have kids too?" He teased.

"I haven't really thought about it but I definitely want kids. I mean not right now but sometime in the future."

As Ryan drove back to her apartment, he couldn't help but worry about what Naomi's reaction will be when he tells her about Vivian and the baby. He was planning on telling her about them either tonight or the next morning. But he was scared as hell, scared that she wouldn't want anything to do with him after she learns the truth.

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