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   Chapter 11 Eleven

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 8491

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As soon as they approached her car Naomi assisted Ryan in placing his suitcase in the trunk of the car. She was on her way to the driver's seat when she noticed Ryan beside her; He opened the door for her.

She chuckled, "You know you don't have to right?"

He shrugged before taking a bow. "I wanted to my lady."

She smiled and told him thank you before sliding into the driver's seat.

"So how have you been?" Naomi asked, trying to make a conversation as she drove.

"Terrible." He answered and she could hear sadness in his voice.

"Why?" She asked concerned, took a glance at him before turning her attention to the road. "Was it because of me?"

Ryan sighed before he answered, "Not really, It's just that a lot of things have been happening around me lately and I'm glad I'm able to spend my weekend with someone who makes me feel loved."

Naomi tried to hide her blush as she spoke. "I'm honored I make you feel loved."

"So how have you been?" He asked her.

"Nothing much. My life is pretty boring over here. I work and hang out with friends and family.

"Welcome to my apartment; I know it's smaller and not as beautiful as yours but I assure you it's a comfortable place to stay."

Ryan took in the structures and decorations of her apartment and then said to her. "I don't mind, as far as I'm here with you." He walked closer to her a stole a kiss from her. It was a kiss on her left cheek.

"Ryan!" Naomi groaned, trying to hide her already red cheeks behind her long hair. Even though they've done more than just kissing eachother on the cheek, She couldn't help but feel butterflies in her stomach whenever any part of his body made contact with hers or whenever he says her name. She thought she loved Connor but being with Ryan made her feel things she had never felt and she was willing to explore it with him.

"You don't have to hide that from me." He said, placed his right hand on her left cheek and slowly caressed it. He couldn't help but admire how beautiful she was even without makeup. "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever laid my eyes on Naomi." He whispered and she could see sincerity in his eyes.

Naomi tried not to get lost in her thought as she looked into his eyes. "Do you mind taking a shower while I warm dinner and set up the table?" She asked trying to change the topic.

" made me dinner?" He asked surprised.

"I knew I had someone coming over and yes the least I can do is to make him dinner." She rolled her eyes.

Ryan chuckled, "I'm sorry if I made y

After savouring every inch of her mouth, Ryan placed soft kisses on her earlobe down to her neck, She moaned and gave him better access to her neck as soon as he sucked on her soft spot.

And then Ryan made his way to one of his favourite part of her body; Her breasts, He noticed they were bigger than the last time he saw them. He teased both nipples with his fingers before placing the right nipple in his mouth. A loud moan escaped from Naomi's mouth as soon as he started sucking and teasing her nipple with his teeth. Ryan noticed how sensitive she responded as he pleasured her tits.

After pleasuring both to his satisfaction, he went on his knees and pleasured her core. He sucked and fingered until she begged him to stop.

Naomi was breathing heavily when Ryan lifted her up from the table, he made her stand to her feet, bent her upper body a little and slowly entered her.

Naomi's eyes went wide as soon as he entered her, she almost forgot how big he was. He started thrusting into her slowly but gradually increased the pace. They came at the same time with Ryan emptying his seeds inside her.

Naomi's legs were almost giving up when Ryan scooped her in his arms and carried her to the bed. Then he layed beside her. She snuggled up to him, rested her head on his chest and intertwined her legs with his.

"That was amazing." He said as he stroked her hair.

Naomi smiled against his chest, she could hear his heartbeat.

"It was better than the first I must say." She said then looked at him in the eyes. "Please don't hurt me Ryan, I don't think I'll be able to live if you do so."

"I won't my love, at least not intentionally." He whispered the last part.

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