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   Chapter 9 Nine

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 6661

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Naomi curled up on the white Sofa in the living room. She was already in her nightwear and her laptop was balanced on her lap. She was going through the pictures from the photo shoot she did earlier today.

She had to give her opinion on them and decide which one she likes best which will be considered by the Board of Zick Cosmetics.

Zick cosmetics is a popular cosmetic company in California; they recently signed a deal with Naomi to be their Brand Ambassador and Influencer. And part of Naomi's contract was to be the face of the brands' products.

Halfway through checking out the pictures, Naomi was distracted by her cell phone which was ringing.

She reached for her phone which was on a nearby table, She checked the caller ID and saw that it was an unknown number but she picked it anyways.

"Hello!" Naomi said unsure.

"Hi dear." The husky voice said and Naomi's heartbeat increased. She could recognize his voice anytime; the voice that has been tormenting her in her sleep for the past few days. It was him, Ryan, the person she couldn't stop thinking about since the night she met him.

She ignored the butterflies in her stomach, swallowed painfully, before answering him. She didn't want it to be obvious that she was happy hearing his voice.

"How did you get my number?" She managed to ask.

Upon her question, a smile found its way to Chistopher's lips. He was kind of proud of her that she could recognize his voice without him having to introduce himself.

"How I got your number shouldn't be the issue right now Naomi. I can't believe you left, just like that, without a goodbye, without leaving a note. You really got me worried Naomi." He said at a go and Naomi could sense the worry in his voice. A part of her was starting to feel guilty for leaving him unannounced.

She sighed before she replied. "I'm sorry, I had a flight to catch that morning." She replied as sincerely as possible.

"I believe you have to make it up to me" He said.


han a hundred times. I don't love you Vivian and there's no way I'll marry you because I'm in love with someone else. I keep on telling you this but you refuse to listen to me. Don't be surprised if I don't show up at the alter."

Tears welled up in Vivian's face immediately. "You can't do this to me Christoph, you can do this to your child. We need you Chris; I promise I'll be a good wife and you will fall in love with me gradually. Your parents and my parents have put so much resources in this wedding. Please Chris, we've sent out all invitations, Don't let me be the laughingstock of the society." She pleaded.

Christopher sighed. It was a pity that his parents were taking this marriage seriously. It seems they cared more about Vivian, her parents and their future grandchild than they care for his happiness. The last time he spoke to his mum, she said the same thing Vivian said which is 'He should give Vivian a shot, marry her and he will eventually fall in love with her.' His mother emphasized that since they have a baby on the way, they will surely get along.'

The whole situation was making Chris go crazy. But one thing Is for sure, he'll never get married to Vivian.

"Vivian let's talk tomorrow, I'm really tired. Goodnight." Chris didn't give her time to reply as he ended the call immediately.

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