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   Chapter 8 Eight

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"Hello Rita." Naomi greeted her brother's receptionist. Rita was almost the same age as Naomi but a little taller than Naomi.

"Naomi, it's been a while. How are you?" She asked with a smile.

"Fine and you?"

"I'm good too. Luis must be very happy to see you since you hardly come by."

Naomi chuckled. "I know; I was in the neighborhood so I decided to come say hi."

"Is he in?" Naomi asked, pointing to the direction of her brother's office.

"Yes, You can go in." Rita said. Naomi told her thank you before making her way to Luis's office.

Like always Luis had his face buried in work. He was seating behind his desk, going through some documents. Naomi could see a light frown on his forehead. He did not notice she was in his office until she spoke.

"You need to get a life outside this office Luis."

Luis recognized the voice to be his sister's voice and a smile took over his handsome face.

"Naomi, what a pleasant surprise!" He said, then stood up from where he was seating, walked towards his sister who was standing beside the door and pulled her into a hug.

"I guess someone missed me." She chuckled as she returned her brother's hug. Luis smiled and kissed her forehead.

Luis is very protective of Naomi, he loves her like no other and he always want to see her happy. She was his younger and only sibling so he always felt the need to protect her and be there for her as much as possible.

When Luis heard about her breakup, he had wanted to go beat up Connor for breaking his sister's heart. Unfortunately, Luis couldn't accomplish that mission as he was stopped by Naomi and his Parents. They made him understand that ending things with Naomi was better than entering into a loveless marriage with her.

"So how was your trip?" She asked him as he guided her to a couch which was opposite his desk.

Luis shrugged before he answered. "It was normal; full of business talk and all of that."

Naomi rolled her eyes as they both took their seat. "You should create time for yourself Luis. It shouldn't be about work all the time."

Luis chuckled. "I will baby Sis. It's just that there's been so much to do since we launched the new project. But I plan on taking a vacation in two weeks time."

"Enough about me. How are you? How was the function you attended last week?"

"I'm fine. The function was okay but please don't ever beg me to represent you or mom in any function again, I got tired of those long, boring business talk."

Luis laughed out loud. His sister had never shown any interest in the business world. "But you just said it was okay." He teased.

"Yeah, I kind of had someone to talk to and the most imp

look surprised because he saw it coming.

"Of course not Dad. How will I marry someone I don't love?" He said, trying to control his temper.

"You should have thought about that before you decided to sleep with her and got her pregnant." His mom rolled her eyes.

Christopher sighed as he buried his face in his hands. Because of his playboy habit He knew no one would believe him if he told them Vivian took advantage of him.

Christopher looked at his parents once more and begged them with tears in his eyes. "Please Mom, Dad, Don't force me to marry Vivian, There's really no chemistry between us. What happened was a mistake which should never have happened. I promise to support her and the baby, getting married to her will only complicate things. Do you want me to live unhappy for the rest of my life?"

Julius sighed before he spoke. "Son, I believe if you give yourself a chance to get to know Vivian, you will end up liking her. She's beautiful, smart, independent and a wife material. You are old enough to settle down and I think Vivian is the right person for you."

"Vivian said she wants to have the wedding before she starts showing. Her mother accompanied her earlier today to check out some wedding dress. So we want to finalize the wedding date with you. Are you okay with three Saturdays from now?" His mother asked.

Christopher flet like someone was choking him. Hearing Vivian has started searching for a wedding dress made him feel sick and the fact that his parents weren't even supporting him made him feel like shit.

"You know what?" Christopher said as he stood up to his feet. "I'm out of here." He left his parents Study without looking back even though his mother shouted his name to come back that they still have things to discuss.

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