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   Chapter 7 Seven

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 8271

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The situation got worse as soon as Vivian left Christopher's office. He could not concentrate on the work he had to do as he kept on replaying his conversation with Vivian on his head. As a result of that he decided to retire to his apartment earlier than usual.

Christopher cannot imagine how much his life has changed in 72 hours. He met Naomi, the first person he will ever feel something for and then she disappeared before he could know it and now that he was close to finding her and making her his, Vivian showed up with an unexpected news.

He knew Vivian was very much obsessed with him which was why he tried to avoid her because he knew she was up to something but he never thought she would stoop so low by finding a way to get pregnant so he will be tied to her.

The sound of the doorbell brought Christopher out of his thoughts. He stood up from the Sofa and reached for the door. It was Andre and Ruben, his close friends. He called them earlier because he needed someone to talk to before he goes crazy and they promised to come over to his apartment after they close from work.

Andre and Ruben gave Chris a brotherly hug before they stepped into his apartment. They each took a seat on different couches and Ruben broke the silence.

"Here's what you asked for?" He passed a brown sealed envelope to Chris. It contained all of Naomi's information.

"Thank you." Chris muttered after collecting the envelope from Ruben. He placed it on a small table beside him, sighed and then spoke "I'm in some deep shit guys; Vivian has finally ruined me!"

"What did she do?"

"I thought you told me she promised to keep her distance?"

Ruben and Andre asked respectively.

"I thought the same too. I thought she was finally over me until she appeared at my office earlier today with a doctors' report that she's pregnant."

"What???" Ruben screamed in horror.

"Shit!." Andre cursed.

"Are you sure this child is yours? Is she even pregnant?" He asked.

"I remember waking up naked next to her so I won't deny the fact that something happened between us. I think she's really pregnant because she said she's willing to undergo any form of DNA test to prove that the baby is mine if I can't wait till he or she is born."

"The Doctors report was signed by Doctor Crawford, my family doctor. I called him as soon as Vivian left my office and he confirmed that Vivian is Pregnant."

"So what are you going to do now?" Ruben asked.


ian couldn't tell if Sarah was happy about the news because for the first few minutes she couldn't read Sarah's facial expression.

"Seriously???" Sarah finally smiled as tears welled up in her eyes.

Vivian smiled in return, nodding her head, confirming what she said earlier. "Four weeks."

"Oh my child this is the best news I've heard in a while, Congratulations." She said and then pulled Vivian in for a hug.

"This is amazing!" Sarah exclaimed as she pulled away from the hug. "I'm going to be a grandma." She screamed which made Vivian chuckle.

Sarah took Vivian's hand in hers and looked straight into her eyes as she spoke."You're happy about it right?" She asked and Vivian nodded immediately.

"Have you told Chris?" Sarah asked and she nodded. "How did he react?" She asked even when she she had an idea of what his reaction would have been. At the age of 29 he wasn't ready to settle down.

Vivian said with a sad face. "He didn't take the news well mom, we got into a fight and he sent me out of his office."

Sarah nodded at her reply. That was so Christopher.

"It will be fine honey. I'm sure he'll come back to his senses. You know he's used to being a playboy who does not see himself making a family soon and now that it happened sooner than expected, he will have to change his ways and take up his responsibility."

"I can't have this child out of wedlock Mom." Vivian said with tears in her eyes.

"I wouldn't allow my grandchild to be born out of wedlock either. Leave Christopher to me, Julius and I will talk to him." She assured and Vivian nodded. She felt at peace now that she has Sarah's support.

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