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   Chapter 6 Six

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 6526

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Christopher woke up with an unusual headache, he reluctantly dragged himself up from the bed, he did his morning rituals and prepared for work.

Chris found it hard to sleep last night as he kept on thinking about Naomi Browne, the mysterious lady who effortlessly stole his heart. The only thing that kept him sane was the fact that he assured himself that Ruben was going to get all her information for him today and he would be able to reach out to her. He didn't mind taking time off work and travelling to wherever she was to see her.

Christopher got to his office and buried himself with work. He was interrupted halfway through when the intercom buzzed. He pressed the receive button to hear what the person on the other side had to say.

"Sir you have a visitor." Jessie, Christopher's secretary announced.

Christopher thought it was Ruben so he replied. "Let him in."

"It's Miss Vivian, Sir." Jessie corrected.

Christopher grumbled softly upon hearing his secretary's reply. He didn't remember inviting Vivian to his office. In fact, he had warned her to stay away from him.

"Let her In Jessie, Thank you." He replied reluctantly.

Almost immediately, his office door was opened and Vivian walked in.

Vivian Matthews was a fashion mogul and a very successful entrepreneur. She was the only female child of her very rich parents. She was classy and everything about her screams money and perfection. She kind of had a good heart but was always obsessed about what she wanted. She was a role model to many young women and men were always running after her but she wasn't interested in any of them as she only had eyes for Christopher Ryan Smith.

No doubt Vivian was a very beautiful woman, the problem was just that Chris wasn't attracted to her. He wanted Naomi.

"Hello, Chris." She greeted him with a polite smile before taking a seat opposite him.

"Why are you here?" He asked with a stern voice.

"You failed to

ts the news. It's only fair that they know they will soon be grandparents."

"Just get the hell out of my office Vivian."

"Get outttt!" He shouted at her. Vivian gave him a sad smile before she majestically walked out of his office.

Christopher walked towards his window for some fresh air. He felt as if someone was choking him. He wanted to cry but tears wouldn't solve anything.

Even though he was a playboy, he never found Vivian attractive enough to have sex with her. He knew she was obsessed with him but he ignored her. Christopher and his family attended Vivian's father's birthday party which was four weeks ago. He didn't want to go but his mother forced him to because his dad and Vivian's dad were business partners.

The next day, Christopher found himself naked on Vivian's bed with her arms wrapped around his waist. Saying he was disgusted would be an understatement. He knew she put something in his drink so she could have her way with him. But unknown to him, Vivian had her own plans, she knew if she got pregnant there was no way he would refuse to marry her.

Now that she was going to tell his parents about the baby, no doubt they would insist he gets married to her but how can he get married to someone he doesn't love? Someone who's presence he cannot stand?

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