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   Chapter 3 Three

Love Over Everything By Symplyayisha Characters: 7342

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Series of thought was going through Naomi's head as she followed Ryan to God knows where. 'What if he's a killer or a kidnapper?' Her subconscious said to her. Naomi shook her head trying to erase the thought of him kidnapping her. Even within the short time she got to know him, She doesn't think Ryan was capable of such.

They stopped in front of a white Bentley and Ryan opened the front passenger seat for her. Unconsciously, she muttered a small thank you and got in after which she fastened her seat belt.

Ryan shut the door and found his way to the driver's seat.

He couldn't help but steal glances at Naomi as he drove. She was deep in her thoughts as she looked through the window. Everything about her amused him. She was just different from the other women he had been with.

"I'm not a kidnapper Naomi." He said to her sincerely, bringing her out of her thoughts. The way he mentioned her name sent shivers down her spine.

"The function was getting boring and all so I thought of bringing you to my apartment but it's okay if you don't want to come with me, I'll will just pull over, give me your address and I'll take you home."

" it's..I mean it's okay, Let's go to your apartment." She said almost immediately and Ryan smiled at her reply.

Naomi rested her head on the head rest and heaved a sigh as she tried to convince herself that she didn't just make a bad decision. It may seem weird but something in her told her she could trust him. Besides, there's nothing she was going to do in her hotel room so she kind of anticipated spending the night with him. Maybe he will help her forget about Connor. Besides its just one night and she will never see him again.

Ryan ushered her into his apartment and then he followed suit, locking the door behind him.

It was a luxurious two bed room apartment suitable for bachelors, painted in it's finest colours and decorated with expensive furnitures.

"You want anything? White wine?" He asked.

She replied with a smile, "I'm fine."

He walked closer to her, wrapped his left hand around her waist and caressed her face with his right hand.

"The things you do to me Naomi." He whispered seductively. Naomi was turned by his gesture and words. She closed her eyes, her lips slightly opened and she leaned into his touch.

And then he began trailing kisses from her ear lobe down to her neck. "I want you so bad Naomi." He whispered in between kisses. Naomi gave him more access to her neck as she enjoyed the pleasure he was giving her.

Ryan went back up to tease her ear lobe and at the same time his hand went to her right breast. He could see her nipples were erect through the fabric so he slowly caressed her right nipple with his right thumb which earned a moan from her.

"Do you want me too?" He asked seductively.

Naomi was on cloud nine. She could feel her panties getting soaked, she was glad his left arm was still wrapped around her waist if not she would have lost her balance because her legs were shaking. She couldn't even respond to his question, she nodded instead, confirming she wanted him. Ryan smiled and lifted her up in a bridal style and made his way to his bedroom.

He closed his bedroom door behind him and made her stand to her feet. He slowly turned her around, unzipped her dress and removed it immediately, leaving her in nothing but her sexy red panties and bare breast, She didn't put on any bra under her dress.

Ryan swallowed painfully as he stared at the half naked gorgeous woman in front of him. His member instantly got hard at the mere sight of her breasts.

Naomi was truly endowed, She had curves in the right p

laces, She was not too skinny or too fat, She was what Ryan will describe as perfect.

Ryan closed the gap between them and kissed her with his hands playing with her erected nipples at the same time. He loved the way she moaned and he was fulfilled he was capable of giving her the pleasure she wanted.

Ryan carried Naomi and gently placed her in the middle of his bed. He got down from the bed and removed all what he was wearing, Including his briefs.

Naomi smiled shyly as she took in the size of his length. He was huge and she couldn't wait to feel him inside of her.

Ryan found his way on top of her and placed kisses on her breasts, then he put the right nipple in his mouth and played with her left nipple.

Naomi arched her back as she let out a moan, enjoying the pleasure he was giving her. No man has ever made her feel this way. Ryan continued to tease, suck and play with her breasts. Few minutes later, the moved to the left nipple, to give it the same attention as he did to the right nipple.

Without wasting any more time, Ryan began to remove her panties, he smiled as he felt how soaked it was, She was so ready for him.

Without any warning, his mouth made contact with her Clit. Naomi swallowed painfully as she thought she was going to die of pleasure. Ryan teased her clit, sucked them, then teased her with his fingers. He prepared her by putting two fingers in her and he subsequently added an extra finger making it three. The pleasure was building up in her and when he noticed she was about to cum, he pulled out his finger.

He moved up and placed kisses around her ear lobe while Naomi tried to catch her breath. After that, her right hand reached for his cock. She felt him go still as soon as she wrapped her warm hands around it. She felt fulfilled that she had the same effect on him as he did on her.

Naomi was not sure what to do but she began stroking his cock and slightly caressing the tip in the process, Ryan growled and closed his eyes to enjoy the pleasure she was giving him which only encouraged her to stroke faster.

He knew if he didn't stop her he will cum over her so he stopped her and guided his cock into her entrance, before he entered her, he teased her with the tip of his member.

"I want you now please." Naomi managed to say. Her voice came out raspy, full of want, need and desire.

Ryan heeded to her demand and slowly entered her. He gave her time to adjust to his size and when she finally did, He made love to her, something he never did to the previous women he had been with. He started at a slow pace and finished in a fast pace, emptying his seed inside of her.

Naomi and Ryan couldn't get enough of each other. An hour after the first round, they went for three more rounds. Ryan took his time to explore her body, he made her feel like a woman and then made passionate love to her.

After their final round, he saw how exhausted she was so he let her sleep. He pulled her naked body close to his making her head rest on his chest and her legs tangled between his. He played with her hair as she fell asleep.

Ryan truly liked her, This was the first time he was feeling this way towards a woman and he wanted to explore this feeling with her. He wants to take her out on dates and spoil her with expensive vacations. He knew there was a strong attraction between them which he is ready to give in to. He sighed as he closed his eyes, before sleep consumed him, he made up his mind to ask her out on her date when she wakes up and also tell her his first name is Christopher and not Ryan, his middle name but he wouldn't mind if she insists on calling him Ryan.

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