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   Chapter 2 Two

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"Hi, Gorgeous." Christopher greeted her with a polite smile. Chris was definitely not used to approaching girls because they were always all over him. His heart was beating twice faster as he spoke to her, something he had never experienced.

Naomi was bored as hell as she sat by the bar, She was tired of pressing her phone, She just wanted to go back to the hotel and lay on her bed but she couldn't leave yet.

A shiver ran down her spine when she heard a voice talking to her. The voice was masculine, thick and above all sexy. She slowly turned her head to look at the owner of the incredible voice and when she did she couldn't stop herself from staring at him. He was drop-dead gorgeous; Tall, handsome with long eyelashes. Naomi couldn't help but admire his beautiful eyes also, it was the most beautiful she has ever seen.

Since her break up with Connor, She never brought herself to notice any guy but there was truly something about this one standing in front of her. His aura was making her feel things she had never felt before.

"Oh, Hii." She finally struggled to answer after drooling over him.

"Can I occupy this place?" He asked politely, pointing to the high chair beside her.

"Sure, no problem." She said in a rush after which she quickly took a sip of her wine to calm herself. She wondered why a Greek sexy god was making conversation with her.

"You are a very beautiful woman. I haven't been able to take my eyes off you since you stepped out of the limousine. May I know your name please?"

Naomi blushed upon his statement. "I'm Naomi." She smiled as she replied to him. "And you are?"

She asked and he looked at her in surprise. He couldn't believe there was a soul that was unaware of his existence.

He chuckled, "You mean you don't know me?"

Naomi rolled her eyes playfully at him. "If I know you I won't be asking for your name Mr."

He smiled which showed his left dimple which made him more handsome. "You can call me Ryan." He said and she nodded.

"So why did you expect me to know you? Are you popular or something?" She asked curiously.

"Well, I'm kind of." He shrugged amused by the lady seated beside him.

"I'm usually not the type that is updated about who's famous or not so sorry you didn't see the reaction you were expecting."

"It's fine, I get to hang out with a gorgeous lady who treats me like a normal guy. I love it."

"You really know how to flatter a girl Ryan." She smiled at him and then asked. "What do you do?"

"I run my father's company alongside the multiple clubs I own." She nodded in understanding. He was just like her brother, Luis who runs his parents company alongside his business. No wonder he was quite popular.

"What about you?" He asked.

"I'm into Fashion. I'm a fashion consultant and sometimes a model. I'm currently working on building my fashion empire." She said and he nodded.

"I'll like to know more about you, Naomi." He said which caused her to look at him and she could see nothing but sincerity in his eyes.

Naomi gave him a sad smile and spoke. "There's nothing much about me Ryan. My life is pretty boring and right now I'm trying to get back on track, I'm still recovering from my last break up."

Ryan placed his right hand on hers and gave it a light squeeze. She swallowed painfully as soon as his skin was connected with hers; Her heart rate increased, She felt butterflies in her stomach and a shiver ran down her spine.

"I'm so sorry." He said sincerely.

"It's fine." She replied and managed to untangle her hand from his. "I think I expected so much from my relationship with him but I guess he wasn't the one for me."

"You shouldn't feel sorry about it. It's his loss, he let go of a beautiful woman like you."

Naomi chuckled, "I'm just happy he came clean to me before going on to cheat on me."

"Enough of the boring talk about me. Tell me about you." She directed to Ryan.

"Well, my life is not that exciting too. I spend 80 percent of my time working and the other 20 with my family and having fun. I have a younger sister Susan who is a pain

in the ass." Then he looked at the crowd and said, "She should be somewhere around."

"So I assume your parents gave birth to two children." She said and he nodded positively.

"Same with me, but I'm the second and last born, I have an elder brother."

"It seems like you were forced to come here. I saw the way you looked bored as hell seating among those couples on your table."

Naomi took a sip of her wine before she answered. "You're right, My Parents forced me to come here with the hope that I will mingle and perhaps meet someone and I can't leave until I've said the vote of thanks on their behalf."

He smiled, "I'm happy you are here."

"So what about you? Are you in a relationship?" She asked boldly and at the same time scared of what his answer might be.

"No, I'm not. Actually, I'm not a relationship kind of guy."

She scoffed at his reply. She was tired of hearing men say that all over again. She looked at him curiously and asked "Why? Is it because you haven't found the right woman?"

"Maybe I just haven't found a lady that will make me rethink my decision about settling down and having a family of mine."

"I hope you find her soon."

"Yes and till then my parents won't stop persuading me to settle down or try to hook me up with one of their friend's daughter." He said and Naomi chuckled.

"According to them, they are getting old and so am I so I need to give them grandchildren."

Naomi smiled, "I can imagine how you feel, my brother feels the same way too."

They made more conversations which cheered Naomi up. Soon enough, the whole event was coming to an end and Naomi was called upon to give the vote of thanks on behalf of her parents who were one of the sponsors of the event.

Ryan's eyes did not leave her body as Naomi gracefully made her way to the stage. She made her speech with full confidence and also made jokes in between. Everybody's eyes were just on her. Ryan did not fail to notice how other men were looking at her with lust in their eyes, It tells the extent of how beautiful Naomi was.

A round of applause was given to her after she made her speech. Ryan saw her stop to hug his parents, they talked for a while and then she came back to where Ryan was beside the bar.

"Did I do Well?" She asked excitedly as she took a seat beside him.

"Brilliantly Well." He smiled at her and she heaved a sigh of relief.

"I was nervous as hell. I'm not used to addressing a large number of people."

Naomi brought out her phone and scroll through her contact, looking for her chauffeur's number. She was almost dialling him when Ryan stopped her by collecting her phone from her, he switched it off and then placed it in his jacket pocket.

Naomi tried to say something but words failed her.

"I know you were trying to call your chauffeur to come to take you home but I don't want you to go." He said sincerely.

"Why?" She challenged.

Instead of answering her, he moved closer to her and replied her with a question, "Why don't you want to hang out with me? Or are you afraid of what I will do to you?"

Naomi hardly heard what he said, he was too close to her as he spoke, The way his breath fanned against her neck made her inside tingle. She was embarrassed as to the way her body was reacting to his presence. Never has she felt this way, not even with Connor, her ex.

She swallowed painfully before she asked again, slightly shuttering. "C..can y, you repeat what you said?"

Ryan smiled triumphantly. He was happy the attraction wasn't one-sided, he was fulfilled she felt the same way.

He stood up from where he was sitting, took her right hand and whispered to her. "Come with me."

Ryan said those words not with a commanding tone but with a persuasive voice and it was as if something took over Naomi as she heeded to his plea. She was meant to question him about where he was taking her but she simply did not.

Instead, She reached for her clutch, rose to her feet and connected her hand with Ryan's own. He smiled at her and led her out of the hall with his hand on the small of her back.

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