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   Chapter 18 The Truth

I Love My billionaire By Sansa Characters: 7549

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It was a trap and her aunt has already given her number to Aryan, She has also saved his number on Maya's phone. It was too much for her and she couldn't control her anger, She wanted to break all handcuffs and just run away from there. She never knew that her own blood will conspire against her, But it was her fault since she was the one who agreed for this arrangement. She believed them blindly Maya couldn't take the pain and when she saw her relatives leaving her home, she was a bit relaxed. Maya changed her dress and she wore her casual dress. Maya sat on the couch looking at the phone. She was happy that it was broken because it was gifted by her uncle. Maya pressed her shoulders and rubbed her head to soothe the pain, suddenly she saw the stupid ring on her finger. Maya tried to remove it but it was so tight that her struggle has ruptured her skin.

Maya screamed in pain and she knew that if she has not cooperated with them, they will sue her without any mercy. Maya wanted to stop the marriage at any cost. She was so much stressed out that she couldn't think properly. Maya walked through the room restlessly, she heard the door opening and she knew that someone was there to meet her. Maya saw her aunt Juilet standing with a phone in her hand. She ignored her and walked back to her bed. Juliet didn't like her attitude and she gave her his mobile.

" Speak, Aryan wants to ask you something."

" But I don't want to discuss anything with him. You told me to exchange the rings and I obeyed you. Don't start with new demands. So just leave me alone, don't test my patience. I just hate to see you all."

" Maya, Don't shout at me like that. Your uncle is here and if I told him about your attitude he would sue you. "

" You are such a devil, I will kill myself so that the torture will end once for and ever."

" No, if you don't want to talk to him I won't force you. Okay, Take rest Maya. I think you are tired. "

" Why auntie? Why are you behaving nicely? If you are going to keep me here as a hostage I will definitely end my life. You people have already ruined my life and I have nothing left in my life. So better you guys don't force me for any stupid things."

" No I promise you I won't do any stupidity which w

cheated by a whore. Let's not discuss it, Roxy told me that you are carrying his baby. Did you come here all alone? Where is that bastard Roxy? Why didn't he accompany you for your check-up?"

" No no Aiden, I am here not for my regular check-up, My cousin is admitted here. A suicide attempt. She is half Indian, her mother is my cousin. It's a long story. What happened to your granny?"

" Oh She suddenly started to gasp for air and I just brought her here. I want to see the doctor to know about her health."

" Okay, shit.."

Rose checked her phone and when she saw the picture she made a long face.

" What happened Rose?"

" Aiden, Did you see this picture? This is my cousin's phone. She committed suicide because of this man. His name is Aryan, they were in love and this man suddenly broke up with her on one fine day telling her that he got his dream girl. Do you know the irony of the situation? Her friend is the girl who got engaged with this guy. She is such a bitch, she agreed to marry this guy without thinking my cousin."

" Show me the picture anyway?"

When Aiden saw Maya's and Aryan's engagement picture, he gritted his teeth and rolled his eyes at her. He never knew that Maya is going to get married to the man who was already in a relationship with someone else. Aiden gave back the phone to Rose and bid bye to her.

Aiden has a crush on her but the girl turned out to be more horrible than Mia. Aiden was so much frustrated that he threw his phone on the wall.

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