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   Chapter 17 Engagement

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" Maya, Why are you not picking up my calls? Aryan just broke up with me. He called me to tell me that he can't adjust to me anymore and I am not a match for him. I don't know what did I do wrong? I did everything to please him. I have already slept with him too. Maya Please help me yaar. Please attend the call. I need to talk to you. my heart aches and I can't bear the pain. My body and everything are hurting so badly yaar. I don't have anyone else to ask for help. My parents don't know anything about us. Please, Maya. I need your help so badly."

" Please Maya. Can you call him and ask him to don't do this to me. I love him so much that I can't live without him."

" Maya, He is in love with someone else and he told me to shut my mouth. He never wanted me to be his wife and he was enjoying with me. I am nothing but an escort to him. I don't know Maya how can he say something awful to me? I loved him with my whole heart and he just cheated on me. I can't bear it Maya. Please do something. I have called him numerous times and he just blocked my contact. What will I do now? Can you please ask him to call me."

" I am ready to forgive him, He is my soul and I can't live without my soul. Please Maya help me to get him back. He is my everything and I can't live without him."

" Oh, Maya he is calling me. I don't know that you will help me. Because of you he is making the call. I am so glad dear. Let me get it."

" How could you do this to me? I thought you were my friend and you just broke my heart with him. How can you marry him? when you knew that we are in love. Why did you do this Maya? You should have told me this but you stayed silent and just backstabbed me. You are traitor and you ruined our friendship too."

" I thought you liked me. I never knew that you are going to snatch my man. I do admit that He was mesmerized by your gorgeousness but he won't leave me for you. You have seduced him and you forced him to take such a big decision. He loved me, he always loved me. He must be forced by you. You are a devil and you destroyed my life. You are the one who ruined our love and I curse you, you won't get the love from your man. You are going to pay for this Maya."

" Ho congrats. So tomorrow you people are going to get engaged. Wow, superb. It must be your plan right? You are very fast Maya. Why did you fear me? I will not ruin your life like you. stay happy and stay blessed. Thank you for everything."

Maya saw

n Aryan saw Maya in her engagement dress his heart skipped a beat. He never knew that she could be this much beautiful and he was very happy about his decision to break up with Simi who was not even comparable with Maya. He smirked at Maya who was watching the carpet and she was trying hard to blink away the tears, She never wanted her uncle and Juliet to go against her and she was doing everything to keep them happy.

Milan asked Aryan to sit beside Maya and he got seated near her. He couldn't take his eyes off her, She is a beauty queen and he has already decided to make her his at any cost. He was scanning her whole body lustfully and Mya could sense the burning glance of him, She realized that Arayan is a man whore who will fuck girls and throw them like garbage. she never wanted the engagement to happen and she was begging her Gods to stop the function.

Maya got awakened from the trance when he took her hand and put on the diamond ring on her finger. She was asked to do the same and when she hesitated to do it uncle Milan forced her to do it with the help of Juilet Since her fingers were trembling people thought that they were helping her.

Maya stayed silent and Aryan wanted to spend time with her but Milan denied it politely since he knew that she will screw the wedding by revealing the truth. Maya didn't have anything and she stayed inside her room all day after the ceremony, she didn't speak to anyone and she had a little amount of food too. She heard her phone ring and she saw Aryan's number displayed on it. She just threw the phone on the wall with her all strength and it broken into so many pieces.

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