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   Chapter 16 Monster Family

I Love My billionaire By Sansa Characters: 8326

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" I don't know anything about you. I was wrong about you. You are such a selfish girl. You do have the chance to save our family and yet to do nothing."

" Please just listen to me, He is in love with Simi and they are already living like couples and she has started to dream life with him. You are asking me to break her dreams for Mishel. How can I do that? She is my friend and I can't sacrifice her happiness for my sister. All I am asking you is some days so that I can gather the amount for her surgery. Please just think about it. We will get the money and there will be no harm to anyone."

" Seriously Maya? You are doing it for Simi whom you met recently and you are denying to pay the money for your sister who is your blood. Wow, Simply Wow!.."

" Auntie. Why don't you get it? I am not denying her surgery I am ready to help you but I need some time. You can't force me to marry Aryan who has already started a family life with Simi. This is so wrong and I can't do it. Please stop forcing me."

" Look at her, She is really a cunning bitch. She has taken advantage of us all these while and when we asked her to help us she has shown us her true color. I have told you Milan, she is not going to help us and she is showing only fake concern to us. She never loved Mishel. If she loved her She wouldn't let her die. She won't help us."

" Auntie please try to understand. I love her but how can I break someone for saving her? I am helpless auntie."

Milan got up from his chair and he begged on his knees before her. Maya never expected that her uncle is going to beg her. Maya tried to lift him but he pushed her hands away and continued to beg her.

" Maya, Please say yes. I have no other way to save Mishel's life. Please do this for her. I have never asked anything from you. I am your mother's brother and I have not asked for any favor from your mother also. Please just do this for us. Please Maya."

" Sorry uncle I can't do this and please stop, I will arrange the fund, Please give me some time.I will ask my boss to help me."

" Why would he help you? Why would he give you millions? You are an ordinary employee in his office and why would he offer this much money to you?"

" Let me ask him uncle."

" Haha you are trying to fool us Maya. We are not begging you to give the money for gambling. We need to save our daughter."

" I know uncle."

Maya again tried to lift her uncle up but he refused to listen to her and kept on begging, Her aunt

fixed and tomorrow is your engagement day. Don't ruin it. We are keeping this door closed and I will ask Juilet to serve your dinner in your room. No need to come down till tomorrow. Did you get me?"

" No, You are keeping me as a hostage. I will tell the police and tell them that you are forcing me for everything. Please don't' do.."

" We had already filed the case in the police station against you and if you are going to complain against us, They will arrest you for breaching the laws of New York City. Don't try my patience."

Juliet cur her off with her spurious words and Maya cried pressing the pillow to her chest.

" Your cries are not going to make any difference Maya, You don't know anything about us. Why did we bring you here? Why did your Uncle ask you to join the job and you don't know anything Maya. You are so innocent and you didn't realize our true intention to keep you here. You are such a pathetic loser."

" Come Juliet it's already getting late we should arrange things for her engagement."

Milan and Juilet left the room without casting a glance to Maya who was startled to death. She finally realized that it was a trap meant for her. She is so stupid to believe them blindly and now she has become so alone that there is no around her who will raise their voice for her. She felt so lonely.

She wanted to protest them fight them against the stupidity but her sister's innocent face made her do this. She is ready to end her life but it will not bring her sister to her life. She never thought that her uncle is a monster who sold her for money. Maya awakened from the trance when she got the message from Simi.

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