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   Chapter 91 Dinner Night

I Love My billionaire By Sansa Characters: 11326

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" Can I come in?"

" Yes Yes, get inside."

" Hmm, okay!"

"Why didn't you sleep yet? It's already getting late, you should have slept by now!! I mean, just look at you. Your eyes are puffy and your face is so lifeless. Please go to your room and have a good night's sleep ."

Yun rushed to him and she gave him a peppy kiss on his lips which lasts only for a few seconds.. and she finally gave him a slight push to break their kiss. Bee was really confused to see her sudden intimacy towards him.

" I know you are perplexed to get kissed by me but I don't have any other choice to keep you silent. You are making too much noise Bee. "

" What the hell? Why did you do that?"

"  You don't like me kissing you?"

Yun couldn't identify the sudden change in Bee's behaviour and she tried to leave the room without saying anything.

Bee grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him. She was startled and she saw him looking at her with a burning desire!

" Why did your kiss last only for seconds? I need more!"

Yun was shocked to hear him and her eyes were about to pop out. She bit her lips to hide her shyness!

" Don't do it!"

" Do what?"

" You have no right to assault your lips which are owned by me?"

" What the hell Bee? You are such a pervert! You are making my whole face reddish! It's so embarrassing!!"

Bee pulled her face towards him and kissed her lips with so much fashion that a loud moan escaped from her face. He used the opportunity to explore inside her mouth and Yun tightened her hold on him. His kiss was passionate and dominating one. She could feel the stinging pain on her lips and she got the taste of blood too. Yun was panicked and she slightly pushed him away. The kiss was too much for her and she could feel her wobbling legs crying for help.

" hey, You are hurting me. You bit my lips and you are not even letting me breathe. Oh my God!'

" I told you before.Yun, I can't keep my urge to make you mine, besides your kiss has turned me on and it was not my fault. you are irritating me to the core. I have already taken a cold shower to refrain from the thought of making love with you but now you have made it even worse, I think I need to spend at least an hour in the shower to cool down."

Yun again bit her lips to hide her smile but she screamed in pain!

" Ops It really hurts, Bee!"

" Come here, Let me take a look at you!"

Yun went with him. He asked her to sit on the bed and he put some antiseptic cream on it. She squinted her eyes and He rubbed her back gently to soothe her pain.

" Yun, I know it's not the right time to discuss but I want you to know that we are getting married within two days!"

" What? Bee don't you think it's so sudden and I really don't want us to get married now."

" Hey, Nothing will happen to me. I don't want to lose you again and please for God's sake just listen to me this time. Why do you always try to irritate me? I am planing everything for us and you are acting like a weirdo. "

"Sorry, It's just that I am not a virgin and you are perfect in every way and my mind is not letting me make you mine even though I loved you madly."

" Do you really think that  I am in love with you because of your body? I like every single thing about you Yun, and I don't know how to explain the same to you."

" I didn't mean that Bee. I am sorry, It's  okay, I am r

nted to wait till their marriage and he was actually struggling a lot to keep him away from her.

Bee kept a sticky note on the table and left the home. Yun woke up late and she has a slight smile on her face, thinking about yesterday's events. She did her morning routine and when she was about to leave the room to see her true love, she found the sticky note on her table and she grabbed it at once.

" Morning Cupcake. Hope you are healthy and pleasant as always. You must be wondering why did I leave this note for you? It's nothing sweetheart, I just want to remind you about our great wedding which is going to happen soon. you must be very tensed to face the guests, but don't worry no one is going to judge you since you are getting married to me, the one who loves you till his last breath. I know it must have brought a smile on your face. oh my God, I just miss you...... and one more thing, I am going to officially announce our wedding today but now I am not going to reveal your identity since Zhen will come to know about you. I don't have any problem with that but you will get tensed, thinking about the various consequences of the same. ........

Hey Hey just chill down, Oh man .. I am not going to reveal anything about you sweaty, You just Take rest and prepare something for the dinner, we are going to eat it together. Love you, Bye."

Tub read the whole note and she was literally smiling at the thought of spending the evening with him.

" Bee, you are making me all wet. I couldn't bear the thought of meeting you in the night. Seriously, how can I change so much? I was in love with that stupid bastard and now I am in love with you. But my love life was not the fullest when I was with Zhen, I couldn't see any affectionate gestures from him when I needed them the most. But things are different with you Bee, You are making me happy and confident with your intense stare. "

"I am carving for your touch and I couldn't control my growing urge to touch your face and caress your lips. Oh God, your damn hot abs and muscles were making my body hair sticking up. I missed your broad chest and the smell of your cologne. I wish you should be here to take me in your arms and do all the crazy things you want to do with me."

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