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   Chapter 10 His Vicious Plan

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Updated: 2019-08-09 19:21

Maya reached her office on time and she didn't find Aiden in his office. She was sad but she didn't want to show it to others. She got inside her cabin and began to do her job.

" Hey, Maya, Are you not coming to my party today? Everyone is coming! "

" Yeah! I will definitely come dear! Just text me your address!"

" why do you need my address? Max told me that he is going to pick you from your home! Have you guys changed your plan?"

" No! I have already denied him! My uncle will drop me at your home! So no issues!"

" ok! But be there at 8 pm! Don't forget!"

" Ok, dear!"

" Maya today Sir won't be coming to his office and you should direct the calls to his personal number accordingly!"

" Ok, Lisa!"

" But what happened to him?"

" He needs to see off his granny so he took the day off!"

" oh, I see!"

Maya began to do her works and she got a call from India.

" Hello!"

" Maya, it's me Priya!"

" Hey, but it's not your number!"

" Yeah, I am calling from my mom's number! Actually, Rahul has gone crazy for you! He came to meet me at my home! Can you believe that?"

" on my God! Did he hurt you Priya?"

" No! He is actually mad for not seeing you and he is such a handsome man! "

" Stop it Priya! Did he threaten you? Did he hurt your parents? Just tell me?"

" No no! Just cool down man! He just asked me about your details and I told him that I saw you last time on the day of your granny's death and he was convinced too! But k think sometimes he will tap my phone calls so I thought if calling you via mom's mobile!"

" Ho! But please stay safe Priya!"

" ok dear! Gog to go now bye man!"

" Bye!"

Maya could not believe him. Rabul has gone mad for her and she was never in love with him! She had denied his proposal throughout her life and she was happy that she didn't want to see him anymore!

The day was so boring for her and she missed Aiden too. She wanted to call him but she didn't want to di

er inappropriately! Aiden knocked the door and Max opened it with a frightened face!

" What are you going here with her?"

" Nothing! She is not feeling well and I brought her so that she can take rest!"

" no need of that I have informed her guardians and I will take Maya to her house!"

" Sorry, sir! She is my responsibility and I can't let you take her with you!"

Aiden punched his face and Max fell on the ground. He caught his neck and kicked his stomach! Lisa and her friends came there running and tried to block Aiden from hurting him.

" Do you think that I didn't see you asking Lily to spike her drink! Do you think you can easily spike her drink and rape her! You bloody!"

Aiden started to punch him again and Lily begged him to stop it. Aiden released him and

Told them the truth. Lisa was mad them and she scolded them in public! she even asked them to leave her party.

Aiden took Maya in bridal style and laid her inside his car! He had already informed Lisa to call her home and inform them that Maya will stay with Lisa since they are going for a picnic! Her uncle gave them permission to take Maya with them but he requested them to keep her safe!"

Aiden went to his mansion with her and laid her down on his bed. She was awake but the drug started to affect her body!

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