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   Chapter 9 The Shocking News

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Was expecting Maya there but when he found Maya didn't accompany Lisa for lunch.he felt sad and Lisa told him of Maya's health and he was damn worried about her. He didn't feel like having his lunch and he ordered a burger and had it before bidding bye to his friends. Lisa knew that Max is actually falling for Maya and she knew that Maya was least interested in him. So she didn't disclose it to her friends especially to Lilly who was in madly love with Max.

Maya was going through the transactions of recent project and she wanted to recheck it for corrections before submitting to Aiden. She was so lost in her work that she didn't see Max before her who was staring her lustfully. He wanted to kiss her lips and hold her in his arms and he wanted to feel the warmth of her body when he will hold her near his chest. Maya realised someone was staring at her when she raised her head up she saw Max standing before her.

" Oh, it was you! Why are you here? Have you skipped your lunch?"

" No I just want to check you I mean Lisa told me that you are not feeling well! And I felt bad so I just wanted to see you for myself!."

" thank you so much for your concern, you are a true friend of mine Max. Well, I am perfectly fine now!"

Maya emphasised the word Friend since she wanted to make him realise that she has no such interest in him even though it hurts him.

" hmmm! Are you coming with us to Lisa's relieving party!"

" Yeah, she has also invited me! But my uncle will drop me there so I won't be coming with you guys. But we can meet there!."

Max was trying hard to get a chance with her but Maya kept on rejecting him. Max just left the cabin after hugging her and kissing her cheeks. It really infuriated her she pushed him away. Max knew that she is going to push him so he just held her hands

" Hey, this is just a friendly hug! Don't think that I am falling for you. I have a girlfriend !"

Maya was embarrassed to hear his confession and she apologised him. Max finally left her gritting his teeth furiously.

Aidan saw Max hugging and kissing her when he came there to apologise her for being so rude to her. But he changed his mind when he saw them together and went back to his cabin silently. He really wanted to thank her for saving his granny and he was asking her for dinner so that he can ask her fr

ow that I was looking at her. She didn't know that she was too damn gorgeous. I couldn't take my eyes off her. But her lips were pulling me towards her and if I didn't avert my eyes from her I will fuck her madly. So I kept my eyes away from her.


Mishel was sleeping beside Maaya, but she couldn't sleep.she was thinking about Aiden.When he verbally abused her in the morning she wanted to punch him hard and she hated him, but when his granny called her and told the actual reason for his arrogance.she just forgave him because she knew the pain of losing the parents.He had lost them including his brother and his girlfriend cheated him with his friend, may be that's why he is thinking every girl is like her.In the evening he actually helped her and brought her home safely.inside the limo, when he was looking away from her she was starring at him.His wide chest and those strong arms every girl would love to get hugged by him, and his six pack was visible through his shirt.he was perfect from top to toe.first time in her life she started to feel something for him.

"Oh god he is making me crazy, I have started to feel for him, but he can't love me because I am not that much attractive and I am from India and also not rich. He just offered me a lift not his hands for marriage.How can I be so stupid?I should flush out the feelings.I am just one of his employees.I will have to behave more professional to him. I am not worthy to him and he will get super gorgeous girls as his girlfriend.

Finally she slept thinking about her boss.

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