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   Chapter 8 Martha Lystone

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Jackson came out of the room and Aiden ran to him asking about her health.

" Is she alright? What happened to her? Do we need to shift her to the hospital?."

" no no sir, actually she is weak her blood pressure went down. I think she had skipped her food!.you don't need to shift her anywhere! She is perfectly fine! And it's just a panic attack! You don't need to get tensed!."

" but she is still sleeping! I don't think that she is alright!."

" Aidy you should not interfere now!. Jackson is the Doctor and he knew how to take care of his patient?."

"  But granny! She is shivering and her face has become pale!."

" Have some patience man!. She has fainted and let her rest for some time!."

" hmmm. Jackson left them after prescribing some vitamin tables for her. Aiden went back to his room. He found Maya sleeping like an angel in his bed. She was very gorgeous and she was perfectly fitted in his arms. He wanted to caress her face and her soft lips were welcoming him to kiss them until they get swollen.

"Aidy we need to talk!"

Aiden came out of his trance when he heard his granny calling him. He covered her using his duvet and closed the door partially.

" yes, granny.!"

Aiden walked towards his granny and seated beside her.

" Tell me, granny, what do you want to talk to me?."

"what have you done to her? Did you give her the panic attack?."

" But granny she is so stubborn and she took around 25 minutes for bringing my coffee! She did it on purpose and I don't know why but I just lose my calmness?.she has a feeling that she is superior to me and I have tried to make her remember her place. But she just became furious and started to attack me with those hurtful words!."

" Aiden did you call her slut?."

" Maybe! I don't remember it!.

course, bye the way I like your attitude man!."

" thank you!."

Lisa told her some important techniques, and she had also given her some contact numbers which will help her in future.

During lunch, she stayed in her office and asked Lisa to have food from the canteen. When Maya was having the food which was prepared and packed by her aunt. She found Martha coming to her.

" how do you feel now Maya?"

" I am fine madam. Thank you so much for the food!."

" hmmm! I knew that you are a little bit angry at Aidy, right? But don't curse him, Maya! He used to be a kind and a soft-hearted man. Two incidents of his life had changed him into a nan of steel!. I am apologising to you on behalf of my grandson! Please forgive him!"

" No madam you don't have to ask my apologies! He was actually saved me from falling. And I am thankful to him!."

" I know everything! Anyway nice to meet you girl, I need to go now!."

Martha hugged her and kissed her cheeks before leaving the office.

Aiden was watching the entire scene via his camera. He was amazed at his granny's affection for Maya. He knew that she is unique and genuine but his brain was telling him something else!.

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