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   Chapter 7 Meeting his Granny

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Updated: 2019-07-06 21:22

Aiden laid her on his bed in his restroom which was attached to his office. He knew that his granny is going to interrogate him and before that he should call the doctor to consult Maya. He could not figure out what did exactly happen to her? So he took the phone and dialled his doctor's number.

His granny came near to him and when she was about to ask him something, he deliberately avoided her by talking to the doctor over the phone.

" Hey, Jackson! I need you in my office and it's an emergency!. You should be here within half an hour!."

"  But now I am with my family, sir !and we are actually enjoying my vacation! Sir, Could you please wait for me because I don't think that I would be able to make it on time.!"

" fuck off!!! I need you here now! I don't want to hear any excuses!!! I am sending my helicopter there!! Better you share your location to me!."

" But sir!"

" I hope you need this job Jackson and if you are so much interested to enjoy with your family you do not have to come here for your job!"

" I got it, sir, I am coming!"

Aiden dropped the call and turned towards his granny to face her. His granny Martha Lystone was staring at him unbelievably!. Aiden saw his granny was covered with coffee stains all over her dress and she was very weak and exhausted!.it disturbed him to see his granny in pain!.

" Granny!! What the hell happened to you? Who did this to you? Are you hurt? Shall I call the doctor?"

Martha knew that Aiden was terribly worried for her and she could read it from his face. She hugged her grandson and kissed his cheeks.

" It's nothing kid!! I am fine but look at yourself Aidy! You have become so thin and weak! Why are you skipping your meals? I have told you to eat food on time and you never obeyed me!"

"  Granny you knew that I am a health freak and I used to spend hours gymming to make myself fit! and you were telling me that I am weak!. You are unbelievable granny!... But you tell me what happened to you? Your whole gown has become dirty because of the coffee stains!"

. So she changed the topic deliberately and she asked him about the girl lying on his bed.

" it is my PA and she fainted when I asked her about coming here late!."

" let me have a look at her?."

His granny got inside the room but when she saw Maya was the girl she realised the actual reason for Maya running anxiously all over the streets with the coffee mug in her hands and It brought a smile on her lips.

" granny is she alright?"

" Aidy we need to talk, but not now! See the doctor is here for her! Let him examine her!" Jackson got inside the room and he was breathing heavily because he was literally running to reach there on time. When Aiden saw him he told him to examine Maya and described the situation to him. Jackson examined her, checked her pulse and Aiden was walking through his office restlessly all the time just staring at the room. His granny sensed something was not just right about Aidy, because she never found Aiden got worried for any girl other than Mia. But this time he was really tensed to see Maya fainted in his arms. Martha knew the concern Aiden is having for Maya and she was happy that Maya was the girl who made him realize that he is still having kindness and love hidden deep inside his heart. She decided something in her mind and asked Aiden to take some rest since he was walking restlessly all over his office.

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