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   Chapter 6 Her insane boss

I Love My billionaire By Sansa Characters: 6662

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She reached her home with her uncle. Mishel and her aunt were already waiting for them. They wanted to congratulate her for getting the job and she was very happy to see her family happy. Juliet made a special dinner for Maya and Mishel. They celebrated her big day by cutting the cake which was made by her aunt and finally they all went to sleep.

Maya was happy to be the part of her uncle's family she had never celebrated anything with her family since her parents died when she was a small child. She could not sleep even though she was happy. She was only thinking about her boss.

" How could he accuse me of flirting with Max? When we were just talking friendly!. He broke my phone and left the room without showing the courtesy to say sorry to me!. He must be the CEO but it doesn't grant him the special power to break his employee's personal things. He is an arrogant man and I should be careful in future. ."How did he know that Max was there and we were talking? Did he install any hidden cameras in my cabin? He is too dangerous and I think after completing the contract period I should resign the job. Maya felt disgusted thinking about his attitude!. She tried to fall asleep, but she slept only at 3 in the morning...


It was 7 in the morning and  Maaya was late for her work, so she skipped her breakfast and took a taxi to reach her office. Juliet insisted her to drink her juice but she was in hurt and skipped her food!. Milan was not there he went early in the morning to attend a meeting which was conducted at the furthest end of the city. So Maya could not rely on him to get the lift to her office. She called the cab and finally reached the office at 8. Actually, she forgets to set the alarm clock since she has lost her phone!she used the spare phone which was given by her uncle. She was on time but she couldn't find Lisa anywhere. She sat in her cabin and began to Breath heavily since she was literally running all the way to her cabin. Wh

oing to punish her. So she had covered her face to hide her tears from him, when she opened her eyes she found Aiden before her staring at her furiously.

She wanted to say something, but her palms began to sweat and her knees begin to tremble, so she just tried to go back. But he closed the door forcefully and it tensed her more. Maya began to remember her past with Rahul. His used to torture her like this when she finally told him the truth that she was not in love with him. He used to shout at her and even tried to kiss her forcefully but her friend Neetha found it and she helped her by taking him out.

" I am talking to you bitch? Are you deaf?."

Maya knew that he is going to kill her. Her whole body became heavy and she began to close her eyes gradually losing her balance. Aiden list his patience and he held her wrist and pulled her to him  "how dare you to leave me when I am not done with you?no one dared to shout at me like that "how dare you bitch?".

When he found her not responding to him he hold her waist and lifted her chin up, but he was shocked to see that she fainted. Aiden lost his temper and he felt hurt to see her tears. he held her in bridal style and he was about to lay her down on the sofa then the door to his cabin opened by his grandmother holding A cup of coffee for him...

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