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   Chapter 5 First day in office

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Maya was shocked to see her arrogant boss. He was standing before her like a statue and he was fuming with anger.

She got up immediately even though her leg hurts badly. She knew that it was her mistake to bump on her boss and she apologised him even though it was an accident!. But little did she know that her sound was not audible to him.

" Sorry Sir, I didn't see you, I am really sorry!."

When she found him gritting his teeth furiously, she started to convince him!.

"I was actually searching for my phone and I couldn't find it anywhere!.I thought I have kept it on the table or on the cupboard"

Aiden took the phone from his pocket and placed it on her table. He didn't say anything to her and when he was about to leave Maya began to interrogate him as if he took her phone deliberately!.

" was that my phone? But how did you get that?I mean I was looking everywhere for it and I thought I have lost it!. Where did you get this? Was it ok? I bought this phone from my first salary and I loved it very much. I hope it was not broken!. You should have told me that my phone is with you, I was so damn worried thinking of losing it!."

" if you utter one more word I will throw it on the floor!."

" What? Please don't!!Sorry, sir.!"

"you better be!. Who the hell gave you permission to flirt inside my office? If I saw you guys flirting inside one more time I will make sure that you are kicked out of my office at the earliest!"

Maya knew that he was talking about her and Max. She wanted to make things clear to him so that the rumours of Max dating her won't get spread!.

" But Sir! He was actually trying to save me from falling and we are just friends. Max is a good guy and he was not into me!. I think you are mistaken!.It was an accident and he was trying to protect me!.

When she spat out at him furiously she realised the next horrible thing that is going to happen. She covered her mouth with her hands in order to block the screams that were about to come out.

Aiden responded to her by throwing her phone on the floor and it broken into two parts. he stepped on it and then he began to smash her phone with his legs and Maya was looking at him like a two-year-old child who had lost the most precious thing in the world!. Aiden saw her crying without saying anything to him. He was hurt to see the tears in her eyes and he could not see the hurt in her face, so he just went back to his cabin silently!.

Maya could not believe him. He had just broken her phone for keeping her silent!. She told him that it was a precious one and it means everything to her. he just broke it for punishing her! But she was only explaining herself to him!. He thought me and Max was dating inside his office! How could he? He was only offering me the lift and he held me in his arms to save me from falling. And it was clear that we were not dating each other!. I mean he helped me from falling and anyone can tell that! Oh God I lost my phone what am I going to tell my uncle? Shit, he must be waiting for me outside. She took all the broken pieces if her phone and left the cabin at once.

Maya did not know that she was being watched by someone!.

When she reached the parking lot she found her uncle waiting for her in his car!

" Where were you, Maya? What were you doing and d

id you find your phone?"

" someone broke it, Uncle. I don't know who did that? But it was the phone I bought from my first salary and I just lost it, uncle!. It's ok dear, I will buy you a new one!"

" No uncle I have enough money to get a new one for me but it was a precious one! "

" it's ok dear! Don't worry, just let it go! Come it's already getting late! Your aunt and Mishel will be waiting for us!"

" Yeah, let's go uncle!."


He was about to leave his office then he saw Maaya in max's hands...Max was caressing her face and she was smiling at him which made him angry he wanted to smash his face.but  he got a call from his granny and he turned back to answer the call...when he finished the talking he came outside but no one was there..he found a phone on Maaya 's table and he took it with him and he went to take his laptop from his cabin, he heard some sounds from Maaya 's cabin and he went there again..unfortunately, she bumped on him and fell in the ground hurting her legs. He was staring at those hazel brown eyes ..she was so nervous and murmured something., .which boiled his anger further and he just clenched his hand into first. He placed her phone on the table and began to leave the cabin but she called him. She started to ask him so many questions and it annoyed him and he warned her to stop talking!. Before leaving the cabin he told her to stop flirting with his employees!.

She was shocked to hear his warning!she composed herself from breaking and she began to explain him what was actually happened before?.

Maya didn't want to put the blame on Max so she tried to save Max by taking the blame on her, it infuriated him further and he took the phone from the table and threw it on the floor!. It was badly broken due to the heavy impact and He stepped on it to smash it with his legs and when he saw her crying, he was hurt inside and he just left the place silently!.

Aiden got inside his cabin but he was still staring at her through his partially closed door. He found her picking up the broken pieces of the phone and leaving her cabin at once. He knew that he had hurt her but he actually broke it to make her stop praising Max before him!. But it broke her heart also!. He could not find the exact reason for his anger towards her, she resembles Mia but it doesn't mean that she is a bitch like her!. He was confused and he just wanted to relax so he called his friend Tony to meet at their usual place.

It was around 10 pm and Aiden was still having his takela shots and Tony was dancing with his girlfriend Rose. Aiden was jealous of him, Rose and Mia we're used to be the best friends and it was her who introduced Mia to Aiden. Aiden thought Mia to be a simple and naive girl like Rose but she was a cunning bitch. She loved him for his money and she was cheating him behind his back with his friend Alex!

" Shit! I wanted to forget her but its so irritating to think about her again and again!"

" Are you alone here? Do you need my company?"

A brunette came near to his seat and she began to caress his face with her fingers. She kissed his lips and waited for his response.

" where should we go? In my place or in your place?."

" in my place! Come let's leave!."

Aiden went with the brunette after bidding bye to Tony and Rose!.

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